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A vendor cannot remove an existing brand in Operations Automation (OA).

When using OA Provider/Reseller Control Panel > Marketing Director > Branding Manager > Brands > the check box to the left of the brand and clicking the Delete button, the following error message is displayed:

Branding from 0 website(s) was successfully scheduled for removal. The Brand with ID #ID can not be deleted because of #ID account(s) bound to it.

The problem also may appear when removing a reseller branding subscription in Business Automation (BA). In this case, processing the order to cancel the subscription fails with the following diagnostics:

Destroying service of Subscription <SUB_ID> failed: Parallels Operations Automation error #extype_id #72, module_id #BrandingManagement, Brand #ID can not be deleted because of the following account(s): #ID1 #ID2 ... bound to it.

The reseller's customer accounts with the IDs listed in the error message above already have been cancelled.


The reason for the error message is the vendor has accounts assigned to the brand being removed. OA does not allow removing a brand if customer accounts are assigned to it.

When a customer account is canceled in BA, it is disabled in OA, not removed. As a result, the customer account still is bound to their brand in OA. OA shows the list of customer accounts assigned to the brand being removed in the error message.


OSA 6.x allows transferring customer accounts between vendors (which effectively will change the accounts' brand) so for 6.x the solution is moving all customer accounts assigned to the brand to another reseller or to another provider.

For OSA 5.x the only possible way to resolve this situation is:

  • Get a list of all customer accounts assigned to the brand you plan to remove. To find all the accounts assigned to a particular brand, the vendor may go to OA Control Panel > Operations Director > Customer Manager > Customers and filter customers by the Brand field.
  • Cancel and destroy all customers' subscriptions in BA.
  • Cancel these customers in BA.
  • Use OA API method pem.removeAccount to permanently remove customer accounts from OA.
  • If needed, you can later create a new customer account with the same company name and contact details under another vendor or under the same vendor but with a different brand. In this case, if you plan to use the same login name for users (staff members) on the newly created account, you first should remove these users from the cancelled account in Business Automation > Accounts > open cancelled account > Users > Remove users.

Drawbacks of solution suggested for 5.x:

  • It is only applicable to the situation when all customer accounts' assigned to the brand can be removed. It will not work if you have one or several customer accounts under the old brand that have live subscriptions and cannot be removed.
  • If an account is cancelled in BA - it is disabled in OA and if it is then removed from OA using API call pem.removeAccount - it no longer will be possible to restore this cancelled account in BA. The only option is creating a new account with the identical company name and contact details.

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