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  • Odin Business Automation Standard 3.2


This is a piece of code for checking passwords using HSPC API:

## initialize environment in console script
use HSPC::Console;

## get authentication module
my $auth_module = $ENV{security_obj}->{_auth_obj};

## check password
my $err = $auth_module->check_pwd(email=>'',pwd=>'123');

## reset password if check failed
if($err) {
print "Got error - $err, reseting password\n";

Please, note that check_pwd method returns undef if email/password pair is valid.

If you need to create a new person, please, check HSPC integration guide.

The code snipped that does a 'real work':

sub _digest{
my $hmac = Digest::HMAC_SHA1->new($CONFIG{PASSPORT_HMAC_KEY});
my $res = $hmac->b64digest;
$res =~ s/\+/_/g;
print "Hashing $_[0] -> $res" if $_[1];
return $res;

$CONFIG{PASSPORT_HMAC_KEY}is taken from/etc/hspc/hspc.conf

perhaps it is more suitable for you - you can write something similar in different language or for example can encrypt passwords somewhere else and authenticate against a remote mysql database (HSPC) - but it is not recommended, there's no guarantee that encryption format won't be changed (I myself hope it will and 'regular' crypt() will be used with md5 or blowfish hash).

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