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Article ID: 132355, created on Mar 8, 2018, last review on Mar 8, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 7.3


Customer restarted PAU service on UI node and OAP services on the management node. After that Virtuozzo menu that should be located in PCP > Cloud Infrastructure disappeared. However, if one logs in via http://OA_MN_IP:8080 directly, all menus are on their places.

Service Controller VPSManager is up and running, no errors or exceptions are found in the management node logs. In pui.log on UI node the following messages could be found:

DEBUG c.p.p.t.s.a.TurbineAppManagerService - TurbineAppManagerService.initApp. className = com.plesk.p2.cp.core.event.Application, ID = evm
DEBUG c.p.p.t.s.a.TurbineAppManagerService - TurbineAppManagerService.initApp. className = com.plesk.p2.cp.core.vps.virtuozzo.Application, ID = 61
DEBUG c.p.p.c.c.p.i.i.ControlPanelsRepositoryImpl - Registering CP 61 responsible for SC:VPSObjectsFactory
DEBUG c.p.p.s.s.api.EJBServiceLocator - Checking jndiName: ejb:core-ear/poakernel-ejb//Resolver!
DEBUG c.p.p.s.s.api.EJBServiceLocator - Lookup SUCCESS for name: ejb:core-ear/poakernel-ejb//Resolver!
INFO  EJB - ResolverRemote::getSCInfoList >>> entry
DEBUG c.p.p.t.s.a.TurbineAppManagerService - TurbineApplication failed to load class:com.plesk.p2.cp.core.vps.virtuozzo.Application({}) - so using default implementation
java.lang.IllegalStateException: EJBCLIENT000025: No EJB receiver available for handling [appName:core-ear, moduleName:poakernel-ejb, distinctName:] combination for invocation context org.jboss.ejb.client.EJBClientInvocationContext@7a68028a


This issue is recognized as POA-114886: "Virtuozzo and mssql CP modules may fail to initialize, if init is called during PAU restart on MN".


To bring missing menus back, restart PAU service on UI host. If UI is deployed in cluster, then restart PAU on all nodes of the cluster.

To acquire more details regarding status of POA-114886 you may contact your Technical Manager or a member of Pooled Technical Associates team.

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