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Dependencies and Pre-Requisites

Microsoft Cloud Germany is Supported

Now, Odin Automation service providers using the Azure CSP application can sell Azure services of the national cloud Microsoft Cloud Germany.

Fixed Issues

  • APSA-19142 The provisioning request has failed. HTTP 400 Language pt is not supported in country PT. Parameter(s): language.
  • APSA-19050 500 Internal Server Error on attempt to send test budget cap.
  • APSA-18900 The provisioning task fails if a customer who has an SCIT Office subscription without an admin login has chosen "Use Existing Microsoft Account Registered Elsewhere".
  • APSA-18601 Reseller Alerts are not received (Periodic tasks failing) because of the null value as a user's language returning by the platform.
  • APSA-18535 Incorrect parsing of JSON template in _readFile method (Template.js)
  • APSA-19302 Usage in Billing may not match the usage from the reconciliation report
  • APSA-19275 Azure CSP resellers reconciliation reports duplicate periods


Contact your Odin support account manager to obtain the new versions of the Azure Cloud Solution Provider (Azure CSP) application package.


  1. To install the Azure CSP application, use the instructions provided in the Azure CSP Integration Provider's Guide (for Azure 1st Tier Partner as Odin Provider).
  2. We highly recommend that you configure the regular Azure database backup (at least daily) using any DB backup solution.


  • Upgrade is supported from version 4.5/4.5.1/4.5.2/4.5.3/4.6 only.

    1. Copy the package to the endpoint node and perform the following commands:

      #unzip -o -d /usr/local /root/
      #cd /usr/local/azure
      #python deployment/ upgrade
    2. Copy the package to the management node and perform the following commands:

      #unzip -o -d /usr/local /root/
      #cd /usr/local/azure
      #python deployment/ upgrade

      If the previous version of the package was imported manually, the upgrade command can fail with the "Exception: The application is not installed." message. Apply the following command to correct the installation:

      #python deployment/ install-instance
    3. Upgrade instance.

    Important: If there is more than one instance on the system, run the instance upgrade sequentially, that is one by one.

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