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Article ID: 131681, created on Oct 27, 2017, last review on Jan 26, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 7.2
  • Business Automation 7.2
  • Business Automation 7.3


With C++ SDK upgraded to to version 7.2, an atempt to build a plug-in with C++ SDK fails. The error description is similar to the following:

    Error: ../LISA/ type must has Packer suffix. JAVA Type is Object. attribute type is INT
    Waf: Leaving directory `/root/DomainPlugins/SOMEPLUGIN/.build'
    Build failed: LISA compiler exit code '1' is non-zero. CMD is '['--info', '--server', '--amt', '--postgre'] /root/DomainPlugins/SOMEPLUGIN/SOMEPLUGIN.lsa'


1) After new JAVA attribute was introduced for LISA types, and C++ SDK was not reconfigured in a proper way so that it should not build Java wrappers for public methods.

2) Sometimes file LOCKHINT.lsa is missing


In first case: 1. Change current working directory to the plug-in source directory. 2. Run

    grep -r 'LISA.new_task_gen' | grep wscript
  1. For every match found, after line features = 'lsaprogram', add the following line: install_java_dir = None,

    Alternatively, in diff format, the change should look like:

    --- a/wscript
    +++ b/wscript
    @@ -79,6 +79,7 @@ def build(bld):
    cnttask = LISA.new_task_gen(bld,
                    features        = 'lsaprogram',
    +               install_java_dir= None,
                    source          = '@@PROJECT@.lsa',
                    bodies          = [ '' ],
                    internals       = [ '', 'plugin.cpp' ],

If file LOCKHINT.lsa is missing it is required to do the following:

Make sure file /root/EcommercePlugins//BM/lockHints/LOCKHINT.lsa exists with the following content:

Virtual Class LockHint "LockHints" {
  Attributes {
    Virtual STR HintResult;
  Methods {
    const OrderStatusChangeLockHint(SalesOrder.OrderID, SalesOrder.OrderStatusID) return LockHint.HintResult;
const ETransactionCaptureLockHint(Payment) return LockHint.HintResult;
const CreateServiceLockHint(OItem.OIID) return LockHint.HintResult;
const OnServiceCreatedLockHint(OItem.OIID, Subscription.ExecStatus, SubscriptionServStatusHist.Comment, SubscriptionServStatusHist.LongComment, Subscription.vGateID) return LockHint.HintResult;
const AccountPropagateLockHint(Account.AccountID) return LockHint.HintResult;
const CheckCreditHoldAccountLockHint(Account.AccountID) return LockHint.HintResult;
const SubscriptionResetUsageLockHint(Subscription) return LockHint.HintResult;

If there is no such file it is required to add it.

After aforementioned actions performed try to build the plugin.

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