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Article ID: 130904, created on Jun 1, 2017, last review on Jun 27, 2017

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 6.0

This hotfix also requires OA 6.0.9 HOTFIX 130354 CHIEF v4

Fixed issues

  • CCU-15417 taskUpdateSubscriptionLimitsByTemplateAsync timeout on huge amount of subscriptions, CCP outage

Included from KB130618

  • CCU-14798 Resource usage could be not properly processed after HW node connection update

Included from KB130537

  • CCU-14608 PACI SC rare crash on PACI_impl::HTTPServer::processRequest
  • CCU-14608 PACI PAYG subscription is manageable even if sales order fails

Included from KB130363

  • CCU-14417 PACI currency is not editable per reseller/brand

Included from KB130345

  • CCU-14427 Desynchronize periodic tasks in IM
  • CCU-14178 tcp_retries as mandatory and adjust job_wait logic for pthread_cond_timedwait issues

Included from KB130332

  • POA-110082 - PACI thread pool for updateResourceUsage too big and can kill chief-sc

Included from KB129836

  • CCU-13330 - failed Plesk provisioning - Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context
  • CCU-13331 - failed Plesk provisioning - Executing the system command: cmd /c \"tasklist

Included from KB129722

  • CCU-13681 - ve public ip removal lead to not-updated usage in POA

Included from KB129686

  • CCU-13618 - VM System Flags are reset by IM
  • CCU-13456 - PACI agent do not have job timeout on SubscribeToPerfStat

Included from KB129679

  • CCU-13625 - Allow to input "0" as value for backup schedule parameters


Hotfix can be downloaded here.


Use pa_updates_installer ( to install this hotfix.

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