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  • Operations Automation 6.0


APS account actualization process fails with the message below, which could be found in task output:

Service Creation Failed: Parallels Operations Automation error #error_code=1000; extype_id=1000; module_id=AccountManagement; xxx is invalid: No @ at address..

The error originates from the following line in core.log on the Management node:

[ SaaS::<unnamed>::parseEmailForDomain] {module_id="AccountManagement"; code="1000"} mayƩ is invalid: No @ at address.
[ SaaS::<unnamed>::fillMailRecipientInfo] <=== EXIT (by exception) [0.059431]
[ SaaS::processMailRecipients] <=== EXIT (by exception) [13.845942]
[ SaaS::<unnamed>::MailEntityProcessor::processMailboxes] <=== EXIT (by exception) [13.938160]
[ SaaS::SaaSManager_impl::syncMailObjects]

As we may see in log preceding the error, OA creates APS resources for mailboxes of all customer's service users one by one and the error itself occurs on the latest one:

Begin request: "GET /aps/2/resources?limit(0,1),userId=eq=1178672,implementing("
Begin request: "GET /aps/2/resources?limit(0,1),userId=eq=1178673,implementing("


Actualized account uses Exchange service and has several mailboxes assigned to its service users. The issue occurs if OA is unable to validate e-mail address of the user. For example, when address does not contain '@' or is malformed.


Please review mailbox addresses (including additional addresses) of Exchange users on OA side. Fix or remove any invalid addresses found.

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