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  • Operations Automation 6.0


During mailboxes import, the error is thrown:

Database deadlock detected while executing

From poa.log:

Sep 10 10:10:10 hostname : DBG [UI:347cb53e:844125:1476240117052 1:19744:ed8d1b90 Kernel]: [txn:7418506 DBS::checkSQLError] Diagnostic info about SQL error: sqlreturn=0 state=HY000, nativeCode=7, description=ERROR:  deadlock detected; Error while executing the query
Sep 10 10:10:10 hostname : DBG [UI:347cb53e:844125:1476240117052 1:19744:ed8d1b90 lib]: [txn:7418506 execQuery] {module_id="db_service"; code="100"} Database deadlock detected while executing ''.

And the following information on appeared deadlock can be found in the Postgres SQL logs:

ERROR:  deadlock detected
DETAIL:  Process 29408 waits for ShareLock on transaction 3523533654; blocked by process 8194.
    Process 8194 waits for ShareLock on tuple (5,6) of relation 130563444 of database 16406; blocked by process 29401.
    Process 29401 waits for ShareLock on transaction 3523525476; blocked by process 29408.
    Process 29408:  INSERT INTO  actdir_group_membership  (group_id, entity_id, sync_status)  SELECT  31403 , entity_id,  1  FROM actdir_entities  WHERE entity_id =  69777  AND NOT EXISTS  (SELECT 1 FROM actdir_group_membership  WHERE entity_id =  69777  AND group_id =  31403 )
    Process 8194:  INSERT INTO exch_mailboxes ( mailbox_id,  mailbox_type,  is_hidden,  sync_status,  ops_scheduled,  ds_id,  name,  warning_limit,  p_send_limit,  p_send_rec_limit,  i_item_max_size,  o_item_max_size,  rcpts_max_num,  msg_retention,  imap4_status,  pop3_status,  http_status,  mapi_status,  unified_messaging_status,  active_sync_status,  store_id,  hsu_id,  alias,  migrated ) VALUES ( 69799, 0, 0, 0, 0, 706, E'John.Doe', 92160, 102400, 102400, 25600, 25600, 100, 365, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, 1, 173, 226887, E'John.Doe', E'n' )
    Process 29401:  UPDATE exch_domain_services SET oab_next_rebuild_time =  '2016-10-10 04:00:00'::timestamp , oab_retries_left =  2 WHERE enabled='y' AND oab_enabled='y' AND ds_id =  706


The root cause of such behaviour is software related issue #POA-64469 which leads to simultaneously running 'Create mailbox' tasks and import operation. Both actions require exclusive lock on the same table and cause the deadlock.


#POA-64469 has been fixed in Odin Operations Automation version 6.0. Consider to upgrade the platform to at least 6.0 version.

As a workaround, import mailboxes in bunches during the hours of low load on the platform. The right way to do it is to import a bunch of mailboxes then wait until all related tasks are processed, and only then import a new bunch of mailboxes.

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