Article ID: 129432, created on Sep 15, 2016, last review on Sep 15, 2016

  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5


Plesk password has been changed in OBAS CP via Setup > Plesk domain properties> "Change password" for a Plesk 9-based subscription. After that the following error message is displayed in CP:

Error: Login is incorrect.


Cannot log you in to Plesk with your saved password. Click here to reset the password.


Such behavior was classified as the software issue PBAS-30468 and will be fixed in future OBAS releases.

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Please download hotfix packages for 64-bit OS:

Or for 32-bit OS:

Install them by running the commands below:

For 64-bit OS:

# rpm -Uhv hspc-plesk-4.5.6-51.swsoft.x86_64.rpm hspc-bm-plesk-4.5.6-51.swsoft.x86_64.rpm
# service hspcd restart

For 32-bit OS:

# rpm -Uhv hspc-plesk-4.5.6-51.swsoft.i386.rpm hspc-bm-plesk-4.5.6-51.swsoft.i386.rpm
# service hspcd restart

Warning: Restart of the hspcd service will cause OBAS downtime for about 10-60 seconds.

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Cannot log you in to Plesk with your saved password. Click here to reset the password

Error: Login is incorrect

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