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  • Operations Automation 6.0


Cannot create CentOS-6 based container.

  1. The task "Provisioning "PACIVirtualEnvironment" for APS application Cloud Infrastructure" fails with error:

    APS Application Error:
    406 Not Acceptable
    [ApplicationUnknownError] Provisioning: resource 81e2739b-a8d3-4880-92be-7f7647afa9c4 of type 'environments' ( for APS application 'Cloud Infrastructure-1.4-1956': P100001: Operation failed; details: [Failed to create VE].
    Body: {
    "error": "ApplicationUnknownError",
    "message": "P100001: Operation failed; details: [Failed to create VE]",
    "http_request": "POST /environments to ''"
  2. The following error in /var/log/IM/PACI-vm2vf.log on Instance Manager:

    2016-08-29 12:18:33,998 (57995cd9-b808-492f-8084-2919c60f59fe) ERROR NativeVm2VfCode [Thread-28857] - [689871:26388] ERR __PrlVm_Reg (CREATE_VE) __wait_job_chk_result: result PRL_ERR_VZ_OPERATION_FAILED @[common/generic_sdk_cb.c][173][__wait_job_chk_result][19164])
  3. The log /var/log/parallels.log on the target virualization node contains the error:

      08-29 12:18:34.029 F /virtuozzo:3367:883702/ /usr/sbin/vzctl utility failed: /usr/sbin/vzctl create 217 --private /pcs/$VEID --ostemplate centos-6-x86
    _64 --name 1011011.server-101-1 --uuid 5030a53e-dd9a-4adf-8eb1-9f7ad4400346 [48] {12a5dac5-b5da-43cd-aac4-bdb49bf2f870} {90485e42-08d7-413a-a83a-9
    bcb08e60b7f} {90485e42-08d7-413a-a83a-9bcb08e60b7f} {90485e42-08d7-413a-a83a-9bcb08e60b7f}(DspCmdDirVmCreate)
    out=Cached package set 'centos-6-x86_64' is not found, run create cache utility...
    Creating OS template cache for centos-6-x86_64 template
    Error: URL $CUST_VAR/linux/centos/6/os/x86_64 contents undefined variable
            You can define this variable in /etc/vztt/
            See Virtuozzo Templates Management Guide for more details. 


The variable $CUST_VAR is not defined in configuration file /vz/template/conf/vztt/ (which /etc/vztt/ is linked to).

When Virtuozzo creates a cache, it substitutes the variables from /vz/template/conf/vztt/ to /vz/template/centos/6/x86_64/config/os/default/repositories and /vz/template/centos/6/x86_64/config/os/default/mirrorlist. In case required variable is undefined, the operation fails.


(Re)Define the variable $CUST_VAR in /vz/template/conf/vztt/

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Failed to create VE

You can define this variable in

contents undefined variable

is not found, run create cache utility

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