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  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 6.0
  • Operations Automation 5.5


Task "Install service-WindowsProvisioningEngine" fails with the following message:

Command 'cmd.exe /C "C:\Program Files (x86)\SWsoft\PEM\bin\wpe_install.cmd"' execution failed with code 1603:
Error during MSI installation process. To see the full log go to the host and check 'C:\Program Files (x86)\SWsoft\PEM\Logs\WPE(v5.5.168)-install.logMSI (s) (DC:30) [13:47:20:616]: Doing action: PrepareReadWebConfig
Action ended 13:47:20: PrepareReadXmlConfig. Return value 1.
MSI (s) (DC:30) [13:47:20:632]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding WEBCONFIG_FILE property. Its value is 'C:\Program Files\Parallels\Windows Provisioning Engine\Web.config'.
Action start 13:47:20: PrepareReadWebConfig.
MSI (s) (DC:30) [13:47:20:632]: Doing action: ReadXmlConfig
Action ended 13:47:20: PrepareReadWebConfig. Return value 1.
MSI (s) (DC:20) [13:47:20:632]: Invoking remote custom action. DLL:     C:\Windows\Installer\MSI74DF.tmp, Entrypoint: ReadXmlConfig
Action start 13:47:20: ReadXmlConfig.
SFXCA: Extracting custom action to temporary directory: C:\Windows\Installer\MSI74DF.tmp-\
SFXCA: Binding to CLR version v2.0.50727
Calling custom action Wpe.Installer.CustomActions!Wpe.Installer.CustomActions.InstallCustomActions.ReadXmlConfig
ReadXmlConfig started
MSI (s) (DC!1C) [13:47:20:757]: Product: Windows Provisioning Engine -- PA Windows Provisioning     Engine installer Error: ReadXmlConfig failed, Error: No elements found via xpath /configuration/connectionStrings/add[@name='wpeConnectionString']/@connectionString in file 'C:\Program Files\Parallels\Windows Provisioning Engine\bin\Wpe.config'

CustomAction ReadXmlConfig returned actual error code 1603 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox)
Action ended 13:47:20: ReadXmlConfig. Return value 3.
Action ended 13:47:20: INSTALL. Return value 3.


This issue is reported to the OA maintenance team as POA-89804.


The issue is fixed in OA 6.0 update 7.

Possible workaround is to redeploy WPE server(s).

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C:\Program Files (x86)\SWsoft\PEM\bin\wpe_install.cmd

failed task

Error during MSI installation process


execution failed with code 1603

CustomAction ReadXmlConfig returned actual error code 1603


PA Windows Provisioning Engine installer Error: ReadXmlConfig failed, Error: No elements found


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