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Office365 provisioning task fails:

Provisioning: resource 94e73659-ce5e-4d7b-a99e-7d0b918bda8a of type 'subscriptions' for APS application 'Microsoft Office 365-6.1-105': Request error: 500 Internal Server Error.

500 Internal Server Error
Provisioning: resource 34ac9d90-86ef-425d-b3d1-65d9fdbce255 of type 'tenants' ( for APS application 'Microsoft Office 365-6.1-110': Non-negative number required.
Parameter name: count.

The following error is returned from Microsoft (check logs):

{"object_type":"Error","code":"OMS_7006","error_code":"OfferUseLimitExceeded","message":"Use limit is exceeded for Offer id '031C9E47-4802-4248-838E-778FB1D2CC05'"}


According to Microsoft policy, some O365 offers are concurrent, which means that one customer (tenant) can only have one subscription with that offer. The examples of concurrent offers:

  • Office 365 Business
  • Office 365 Business Essentials
  • Office 365 Business Premium

real-life example: Customer already had Office 365 Business Premium license provisioned before. Currently this subscription has Terminated\Removed status on the OA side, which allows customer to place a new order for the same offer. But there is a, so called, grace period on the MS side when subscription is having Suspended status for ~90 days long, but still bound to this customer. Thus Microsoft provides an opportunity to restore subscriptions, but prevents new subscriptions creating from the OA side - concurrent offers conflict.


  1. Remove the subscription from OA manually
  2. Remove subscription from MOP by contacting Microsoft Support as OA will change the status of subscription to suspended
  3. Process the task to provision Office 365 Business Premium for a new subscription
  4. Check Configuring Filtration of Incompatible Offers documentation article in order to be sure it has been done

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