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Upgrade or downgrade order fails with "Cannot unprovide resource 'disc_space'" error. For example:

"Upgrade failed:Parallels Operations Automation error. Attempt to use inactive service template #error_code #2000, extype_id #150, module_id #ResourceManagement, Cannot unprovide resource 'disc_space'.. Service Started successfully".


Order attempts to set the diskspace limit lower that the resource actual usage, which is not allowed by Odin Automation.

This also happens, when there is a diskspace resource overusage for the subscription in question, while the order actually modifies a different resource. This happens, because the order calls pem.setResourceTypeLimits API method, passing all current resource limits and modified new limits from the order. But in case of overusage, the current limits will appear lower than the actual disk usage, causing the confusion.


Check the current disk space usage of the subscription and either free up disk space to comply with the new limits or change the order to include greater amount of the resource.

Search Words

Failed to provision

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downgrade exchange over usage

Upgrade failed:Parallels Operations Automation error

Provisioning Failed: Upgrade Service Failed(error auto handler): operation with NULL string value (right operand)

order fails

Cannot unprovide resource 'disc_space'..


Cannot unprovide resource 'disc_space'

Downgrade exchange

Cannot unprovide resource 'diskspace_quota'

Cannot unprovide resource

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