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  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation
  • Business Automation 5.5


When trying to disable subscription or process Cancellation order to disable it following error is returned:

Removing of Service of Subscription #1001141 is failed. Stop service of Order Item #60851 failed. 
There is no FTP access to log files in homedir with ID = <HD_ID>.


The reason of this error is that there is obsolete record in POA database which did not have any records in referenced tables, for example:

plesk=> SELECT  *  FROM proftpd_lfa_data WHERE hd_id =  <HD_ID>;
   login    | vhost_id | hd_id  | rti_id   | state_flg
 lfag101250 |        5 | 101250 | <RTI_ID> |         1
(1 row)

Such record can left after webspace removal due to the software issue with ID #POA-85768 which has been fixed in POA 5.5 update 8, but still can occur if the webspace in question was removed prior to POA 5.5 update 8 installation.

Ultimate removal of these records will be done in scope of POA-91548.


First check:

plesk=# select * from domain_services where hd_id = <HD_ID>;
 ds_id | owner_id | domain_id | subscription_id | hd_id | service_id | name | creation_date | is_locked
(0 rows)

If no relevant records are found then remove obsolete record from POA DB:

plesk=> DELETE FROM proftpd_lfa_data WHERE hd_id = <HD_ID> and rti_id =  <RTI_ID>;

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