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Article ID: 123582, created on Nov 18, 2014, last review on Mar 10, 2015

  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 5.x
This is a set of scripts allowing to implement custom reports against data in POA and PBA
The report generators can be downloaded from
Reports are expected to be run in designated environment - physical or virtual. Requirements: CentOS-6, with python > 2.6

Installation and Usage

Install required python modules

# yum install python-paramiko python-psycopg2
Unpack and change directory to unpacked archive

$ unzip vodafone-india-reports-{revision}.zip && cd vodafone-india-reports.git
Check and modify settings in the configuration

$ vi config.ini
Run reports

$ ./pa-reports run

 Configuration recomendation for PA 6.1


When using the scripts with PA 6.1 (POA and PBA integrated) the following configuration must be done:

1. Configure xmlrpcd without authorization, but with SSL enabled:
    SslPrivateKey = _path_to_private_key_
    SslCertificate = _path_to_certificate_
    AuthorizationRequired = false
2. In file config.ini variable must be set with https protocol:


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