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The article contains the upgrade instruction for the Presence Builder APS application. It is shipped as 2 APS applications:

  • Presence Builder for OSA - the main application (server part)

  • Presence Builder - the connector application (client part)

The packages can be downloaded here, scroll down to the 'Presence Builder' part and pick the required version:

OA Downloads

Note: The same procedure is also applicable for installing minor updates, e.g. from 12.0.6 to 12.0.7.

Pre-upgrade instructions

Before upgrading PB APS application, check the compatibiliy table to make sure your current OA version supports the new PB version:

114771 Supported (Web) Presence Builder versions in Operations Automation

The current OA version can be found at Provider CP > Support > Updates History tab.

Starting from version 11.5, EPEL repository should be configured on the host with PB installed. EPEL repository is required for sw-engine package future updates. Use the following instructions:

  1. Connect via SSH to the PB server.
  2. Create a new .repo file in the /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory.
  3. Add a repo URL to that .repo file, which can be found at the following URL (pick the one, suitable for your OS):
  4. Use the yum repolist command to make sure that the repository you have added is available in the system.

APS applications upgrade

Perform the upgrade of the PB APS applications. The first step - upgrade the server part application (Parallels Automation for Web Presence), then upgrade the client part application (Parallels Web Presence Builder). Instructions on APS upgrade can be found here

When the import of applications is completed, perform an upgrade of the application instances. See the OA Provider's Guide, chapter Bulk Application Upgrades for APS applications upgrade procedure.

Version-specific instructions

Upgrade from 11.1.0

Modify the parameters of the application resources in Provider CP > Service Director > Application Manager > Applications.

  1. Find the 'Parallels Presence Builder for PA' application > switch to the Resource Types tab > for all resources based on the 'Application' resource class change the following activation parameters:

    • change the value of the 'Access URL Template' parameter from http to https
    • change the value of the 'SSL protection' parameter from SSL enabled, HTTP entry points to SSL enabled, HTTPS entry points.
  2. Find the 'Parallels Presence Builder' application > switch to the Resource Types tab > for all resources based on the 'Site Application' resource class change the 'URL of Parallels Automation for Web Presence' parameter:

    • click on the resource > switch to the Global Settings tab > replace http with https in the 'URL of Parallels Automation for Web Presence' parameter > click the 'Apply to instances' button.

Upgrade to 11.1.0

Above instructions for upgrade from 11.1.0 should be applied in reverse, i.e. https should be changed to http everywhere.

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