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  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 5.5


After upgrading PBA to PBA 5.5.x the resellers have no access to POA Integration screens with NS Settings (System> Settings> Services), so the reseller cannot specify the default DNS plan for the domain subscriptions.


The bug #PBA-54649, will be corrected in one of the future product updates.


  1. Create file /usr/local/bm/conf/wnd/PEMGATE/customization/customization/MainClass_NewSystemSettingsNewMenu.xml with content:

    <window id="MainClass_NewSystemSettingsNewMenu">
        <href id="sys_set_services_poa_ns_settings" value="POA NS Settings" icon="images/nav/tree/ExternalSystemsDirector/ParallelsOperationsAutomation/0-ParallelsOperationsAutomation"/>
        <ref id="sys_set_services_poa_ns_settings">
          <call type="window" callee=PEMGATE::PEMNSSettings_GetWin()/>
        <grid id="sys_set_services_iconpanel" gridgroup="newsystem_settings" group="Services" icon="images/nav/tree/ExternalSystemsDirector/0-ExternalSystemsDirector"  ui_type="iconpanel">
                <row id="sys_set_services_poa_integration">
                  <cell id="title">sys_set_services_poa_integration</cell>
                  <cell id="description">``</cell>
                <row id="sys_set_services_poa_ns_settings">
                  <cell id="title">sys_set_services_poa_ns_settings</cell>
                  <cell id="description">``</cell>
  2. Change the folder ownership:

    # chown -R pba:pba /usr/local/bm/conf/wnd/PEMGATE/customization/customization
  3. Restart www:

    # /etc/init.d/www restart

New item "POA NS Settings" will appear near "POA Integration" in "Settings" menu. Please note, that it will also appear under provider. One of privileges CONFIG_EXTERNAL_SYSTEM or CONFIG_GLOBAL_SETTINGS will be needed to see this link.

Search Words

No acces on PBA to System > Settings > POA Integration > NS Settings

No NS settings under a reseller

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