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  • Plesk Automation 11.5


How to provide custom localization for Plesk Automation (PA) Administration and Customer Control Panels?


Since the PA 11.5 microupdate #7, PA provides the users with an opportunity to customize the control panel locale.

It is possible to modify existing messages and other text information displayed in User Interface for a specific language.

To examine the list of available locales, execute the command below on Management Node:

/usr/local/ppa/bin/localemng --list

| Locale| Enabled|
| da-DK | false  |
| de-DE | true   |
| el-GR | false  |
| en-US | true   |
| es-ES | true   |
| fi-FI | false  |
| fr-FR | true   |
| it-IT | true   |
| ja-JP | true   |
| ko-KR | false  |
| nb-NO | false  |
| nl-NL | true   |
| pl-PL | false  |
| pt-BR | true   |
| pt-PT | false  |
| ru-RU | true   |
| sv-SE | false  |
| tr-TR | false  |
| uk-UA | false  |
| zh-CN | true   |
| zh-TW | true   |

Any of the enabled language packs (marked as 'true' in query result above) are available to change the interface language.

Disabled language packs (marked as 'false') have no translated source files and must be edited before using.

A language pack represents a set of .xml files with titles of buttons, messages, menu items, etc.

To activate and use the desired locale, perform the following steps:

  1. Generate list of source files for 'en_US' locale: Go to CP > System > Settings > Locales > "en_US" > Source Locale Files.

  2. Enable the locale (Turkish locale provided as an example):

    /usr/local/ppa/bin/localemng --enable tr-TR
  3. Download English source files for editing from CP > Settings > Locales > en_US > Source Locale Files tab.

  4. Open the files you want to customize in a text editor and change the desired strings. The structure of the locale entries in the XML file is as follows:

    <phrase>Ajouter un nouveau produit</phrase>

    To edit a locale entry, replace the value in the <phrase> field with the desired value.

    Important: Do not edit any other parts of the XML file, otherwise you may corrupt it.

  5. After the source files are changed, upload them to the language pack you have enabled in step 2 on CP > Settings > Locales > tr_TR > Customized Locale Files.

  6. Enable the locale for the desired users on CP > Users > user > Regional settings tab under Languages subtab.

If you change the locale while the user is logged in, the user must logout and log back in before changes take place.

Refer to the Parallels Plesk Localization Guide for instructions on customer control panel localization.

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