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  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5


New feature has been implemented in PBA-S since version 4.5:

11) Check for domains transferred away

What does it mean?


When a domain is transferred from PBA-S to another registrar, which is not related to PBA-S, such a domain should stop being billed in PBA-S, because the service for the domain is provided beyond PBA-S.

To automatically sort out the domains transferred away, the periodical domains status check should be configured:

Top > Service Director > Domain Manager > Setup > General

  • Run domains status checking every

Periodic task "Check transferred away domains" gets all domains with status "Registered" and verifies their availability under Provider Domain Registrar Account at the registrar - checks if the domains are managed by PBA-S. The domains that have been transferred way are shown under the Service Director > Domain Manager > Domains, the "Domains required attention" tab.

The domain subscriptions that remain after the domain has been transferred away, must be terminated manually. For more details please refer to Sorting Out Domains Transferred Away.

Important: domains that have status "Transfering" are being transferred to PBA-S. For more detail refer to Transferring Domain.

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