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  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5


OBAS 4.x provides the following schema for subscriptions renew:

  1. Provider renews a subscription the following way:

    a) generate renewal order:

    `PCC > Top > Account Director > Subscription Manager > Subscriptions > %subscription% > Generate Renewal Order`

    b) find and process the renewal order:

    `PCC > Top > Billing Director > Receivable > Documents > Orders > %renewal order id% > Process Order immediately`

    This will process the order (renew the subscription) and create invoice for the customer to pay.

    Here you may find more detail: Provider: Renewing Subscriptions

  2. Customer renews its subscription through Control Panel (CP):

    a) generate renewal order:

    CP > Account > Subscriptions > %subscription% > Summary > Generate Renewal Order

    b) pay the order to start provisioning.

    Here you may find more detail: Customer: Renewing a Subscription

  3. OBAS renews subscriptions automatically.

    Refer to Knowledge Base article "OBAS does not process renewal order automatically" for the required settings.

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