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I have Parallels Web Presence Builder 11.5.6 for cPanel, cPanel version is 11.40. The following error appears when I try to publish a site:

The site cannot be published to the specified location

And if you check the /usr/local/sb/tmp/sitebuilder.log in the WBP Standalone server, we get this:

2013-11-13T09:27:50-05:00       [ERR]   /JsonApi/       Can't receive authorization to work with the host 'DOMAIN.TLD' with login 'LOGIN'
The site UUID: aa768c78-ce8d-baa6-f3e7-ebe21ba9ac03
The publication target: ftp://LOGIN@DOMAIN.TLD/public_html
The publication URL: http://DOMAIN.TLD   http://WPB.SERVER.URL/Editor      


Bug in cPanel, which has been fixed in cPanel since (case 90897). Refer to cPanel release notes (case 90897 'Strip out unserializable data when making JSON for API calls').


Upgrade your cPanel to the latest version.

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