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  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.5


When clicking the Exchange tab in POA Customer Control Panel users get the following error message:

Object does not exists in system: object name - "null"; object type - "null"; object owner - "undetermined"; object owner type - "undetermined"
Error ID: 1377819365689

In the debug log poa.debug.log on the POA Management Node you can see the following entries when the problem in Control Panel occurs:

Aug 29 19:01:43 osscore : DBG [1:28136:b43f2ba0:20 1:28119:b6ff6ba0 Kernel]: STMT [Con: 14186, 0xb4a405c8] ' SELECT domain_id FROM domain_services WHERE ds_id = ?'($0 = 2842)
Aug 29 19:01:43 osscore : DBG [1:28136:b43f2ba0:20 1:28136:b43f2ba0 lib]: [Hosting_impl::getHostingDomain] {module_id="Hosting"; code="10"} Hosting #2842 does not exist.
Aug 29 19:01:43 osscore : DBG [1:28136:b43f2ba0:20 1:28136:b43f2ba0 chief]: [Hosting_impl::getHostingDomain] <=== EXIT (by exception) [0.002940]


Lost entry in the POA system database.


Please contact the Parallels Support Team to resolve the problem.

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Object does not exists in system

Exchange tab

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