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The following limits are set to Unlimited value on Exchange servers for mailboxes created by POA:

  • RecoverableItemsQuota
  • RecoverableItemsWarningQuota
  • CalendarLoggingQuota
  • ArchiveQuota
  • ArchiveWarningQuota

At the same time mailboxes created directly on Exchange server using the New-Mailbox cmdlet in the Exchange Management Shell or Exchange Control Panel have all these limits set to the default values configured in an Exchange Mailbox Database properties.

As Provider I want to be able to manage the above listed limits for customers' Hosted Exchange mailboxes created by Parallels Automation system.


The RecoverableItemsQuota, RecoverableItemsWarningQuota, CalendarLoggingQuota, ArchiveQuota and ArchiveWarningQuota mailbox limits are not managed by POA and can not be configured in POA Service Templates and PBA Service Plans.

These limits are set to the Unlimited value because POA uses the Enable-Mailbox cmdlet to create Exchange mailbox for existing user. If mailbox is created with the New-Mailbox cmdlet then the mentioned limits are being set to the default values inherited from limits set on an Exchange Mailbox Database level.

The ArchiveQuota and ArchiveWarningQuota limits are used by Exchange only if archiving service is configured for a mailbox. POA does not configure archiving for Hosted Exchange mailboxes, so these limits can take any values.

The RecoverableItemsQuota, RecoverableItemsWarningQuota and CalendarLoggingQuota limits are applied on the Recoverable Items folder of mailbox, these limits are not managed by POA as well.

Note: mail and calendar items are being purged automatically from the Recoverable Items folder after the 'Deleted Item Retention' period is reached and this period can be configured in POA Control Panel.


Provider may set all the limits listed in this article to the desired values directly on POA-managed Exchange servers. The possibility to manage these limits is going to be added in the future versions of the product.

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