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Linux Shared Hosting: Provisioning Infrastructure and Deployment

Disclaimer: the article is applicable to the Standard Linux Shared Hosting, not to Linux Shared Hosting NG. Refer to the article for information about Linux Shared Hosting NG in POA.

The following picture demonstrates the main aspects of service provisioning on POA-managed Linux Shared Hosting server:

POA Service Controllers, like Apache, ProFTPd, logrotate and others, working on Management Node, connect to POA Agent installed on every single managed server using CORBA protocol and sends provisioning requests. POA Agent executes request and sends result back to POA. Based on the result POA marks corresponding provision task as Completed or Failed.

POA is using TCP ports 8352-8600 to send requests to managed servers, so these ports must be open in firewall.

The set of POA packages such as Apache, Proftpd, WebFileManager, domain_parking, logparser, logrotate, webalizer and their prerequisites must be installed on Linux Shared Hosting servers to provision customers’ services on them. The simplest way to install all packages needed for the typical Linux Shared Hosting server is to install the webve cumulative POA package, it will install all typical services automatically by dependencies.

See the main Knowledgebase article #115790 Website Hosting: General information, Best Practices and Troubleshooting for more information.

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