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A customer tries to create new IIS website in POA CCP for their domain or manage an existing website.

POA generated corresponding task, the task fails with the following error message: Provisioning request failed. There is not enough space on the disk.
Provider checked the disk on the Windows Shared Hosting server where customer's webspace is stored, and there is plenty of free space there.


Most likely one of two situations happened:
1. There is no space on system drive on Windows server for temporary files
2. Webspace user's quota exceeded


1. Check that there is sufficient amount (more than 10 megabytes at the very least) of disk space on system drive on the Windows server in question (where customer's webspace is located)

2. Check quota limit for webspace. Name of webspace user typically would contain webspace ID. Webspace ID can be found in POA Customer Control Panel, or in name of the failed POA task (the hd_id parameter). For example, in the task 'Create virtual web server 1001 (domain_id=2001, hd_id=100301) on host '' (host_id=10)' the webspace ID is 100301.

You can check disk space quota either in POA Control Panel in subscription resources, or on the web server itself.

To check disk space quota in POA Provider Control Panel:
        Open Operations Director > Subscription manager > choose subscription > Open the 'Resources' tab
        In the resources list check usage and limit for the 'Diskspace' resource (or other resource based or 'Diskspace' resource class you use in your service template)

To check quotas on web server:
        Right-click the drive where webspaces are stored, select 'Properties'
        Open the 'Quota' tab and click the 'Quota Entries...' button
        In the list that opens up you can find the user name which will contain webspace ID, and check if this user has exceeded or almost exceeded their quota

If user is out of disk space they can either remove some files in their webspace or purchase additional storage in PBA.

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