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  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation
  • Business Automation 6.0


If Plesk is installed in a Virtuozzo Containers (PVC) container (inside a VPS), customers do not have the ability to remove the IP address from the container in the OA Customer Control Panel and the following warning is shown:

Cannot remove IP addresses from this VPS because they are used by Parallels Plesk Panel


Domain(s) with Plesk hosting can use the IP address you want to remove from the container. The ability to delete the IP address from a container with Plesk installed in the OA Customer Control Panel is prohibited.


OA 5.4

Important! It is safe to apply it for OA 5.4 only. Starting from OA 5.5 the solution below will remove web hosting options assigned to a customer's domains in the OA Customer Control Panel. This will not remove physical hosting from domains in Plesk, but will clear the web hosting options assigned to the domains. As the result of applying this solution, the customer will have to re-add web hosting to domains in the OA Customer Control Panel.

The actions outlined below may cause service downtime for websites hosted on Plesk for at least the period of time required to fully apply the instructions in this article.

The IP address from the VPS with Plesk can be removed using the steps listed below. Before removing the IP address, make sure that it is not used by any domains created on the container with Plesk. Otherwise, the domain hosting will be broken.

  1. Change the limit for the Plesk Panel resource to 0 on the customer's subscription in the OA Provider Control Panel:

    • Go to Operations Director > Subscription Manager
    • Select the required subscription
    • Switch to the Resources tab
    • Click Edit
    • Set a limit of 0 for the Plesk Panel resource and click Submit
    • OA will show a warning about resource 'unprovisioning'. Check the 'Allow resources unprovisioning' checkbox in the bottom of the screen
    • Click Submit again

    This change only removes the Parallels Plesk menu item from the navigation menu in the Customer Control Panel. It leads to the issue described in Parallels Knowledgebase article #113598. Container data will not be affected.

    It will also allow you to remove the IP address from the container. Before removing, do not forget to check if this IP address is used by another domain in Plesk. Operations Automation (OA) does not check if the IP address is used by any domains - it will simply remove it from the PVC container.

  2. Remove the IP address:

    • Log into the OA Customer Control Panel
    • Select the required subscription
    • Go to VPS > VPS management > IP Addresses tab
    • Remove the desired IP address
  3. To be able to manage Plesk again, change the limit of the Plesk Panel resource back to 1 in the OA Provider Control Panel (using step 1 above).

    This action leads to Plesk re-initialization. With the re-initialization, OA will set up a new password for the admin user. Customer data will not be affected.

  4. After these steps have been completed, you will need to log into the OA Customer Control Panel and re-add the Plesk hosting option for all desired domains. Since physical hosting data on the Plesk server is not affected by the steps above, OA will add the hosting option on domains without problems.

OA >=5.5

Remove a desired IP address from OA database:

plesk=> select * from configured_ips where sub_id=1014426;
ip_id | if_id | host_id |   ip_address   | ip_type |     netmask     | sub_id  | ip_rti_id |     traffic_rti_id | pool_id | state | account_id
-------+-------+---------+-----------------+---------+-----------------+---------+-----------+--    --------------+---------+-------+------------
1330 |   873 |     824 | | E       | | 1011236 |    271239 |         277492 |      38 | A     |    1001932
1335 |   873 |     824 | | E       | | 1011236 |    271239 |         277492 |      38 | A     |    1001932
(2 rows)

plesk=> select ip_id,obj_id,obj_domain,obj_kind from used_ips where ip_id = 1335;
ip_id | obj_id |  obj_domain  | obj_kind
1335 |    824 | IPManagement | Host
(1 row)

plesk=> begin;
plesk=> delete from used_ips where ip_id=1335;
plesk=> delete from configured_ips where sub_id=1014426 and ip_id = 1335;
plesk=> update subs_resources set curr_usage=1, own_usage=1 where rt_id = 1000008 and sub_id = 1014426;
plesk=> commit;

and descrease IP address resource accordingly:

1000008     IP addresses    Installed   Additional Web/VPS Hosting Resources    1.00    1.00    0.00    0.00    unit    No  Standard    

A feature request POA-85921 exists to improve this procedure.

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