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Article ID: 112571, created on Oct 20, 2011, last review on May 11, 2014

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Customer created new SharePoint user in POA CCP and assigned desired role to the user in an existing SharePoint site, e.g. Web Designer.

Status of the user stays Updating in POA CCP and there is failed task Attach all users to SharePoint site in POA:
Task ID    373783
Queue name    domain_service4344
Task name    Attach all users to SharePoint site (domain #4305, homedir #101821) on host (#263)
Task description    Attach all users to SharePoint site (domain #4305, homedir #101821) on host (#263)
Queue status    Rescheduled    
Start not earlier than    Oct-20-2011 14:05
Method name    taskAddSPSUsers on OBJREF:iis:0:getDomainService:4344
Last execution output    Provisioning request failed. Unknown error 0x80131600 [<response><errorContext description="Permission level cannot be found." code="0x80131600" executeSeqNo="4"><errorSource namespace="Error Provider" procedure="SetError"/><errorSource namespace="Error Provider Ex" procedure="RethrowError"/></errorContext></response>]

POA is using the request provided below to add role to the user:
<securityContext trustee="HOSTING\pem_admin" impersonate="1" />
<transactionContext transactionId="{60F1C9AA-8C24-4FEC-A824-252568534D8D}" />
<executeContext procedure="addRole" procedureExecId="2" providerSource="Provisioning.Providers.SWsoftProvider" namespace="SPSManager" type="twophase" />
<Description>Can view, add, update, delete, approve, and customize.</Description>



The reason is that needed role is absent in SharePoint site, it was probably deleted manually by SharePoint site administrator. As a result POA cannot attach newly created user to the site with needed role and task fails with error message Permission level cannot be found.


Log into SharePoint site as administrator and create missing role.

Follow instructions in these Microsoft articles:

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