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A customer created website in POA Control Panel using Legacy Apache Domain Parking or Domain Forwarding service (not Linux Shared Hosting NG). All provisioning tasks were completed in POA Task Manager, however when visiting parked/forwarded domain browser shows 'Page is locked' instead of proper content.


Such behavior happens when at least one customer website has been created on POA-managed Apache-based Domain Parking server.

It may happen if Provisioning Attribute 'Domain Parking' usually assigned only to Domain Parking servers and resource types based on the 'Parked Domains' Resource Class was mistakenly assigned to resource types based on the 'Physical Hosting (Apache)' Resource Class. As a result POA may select Domain Parking server to provision customer's website (since the Domain Parking server has Apache service installed).

Also, it may happen if Provider created resource types based on the 'Physical Hosting (Apache)' Resource Class without any Provisioning Attribute assigned. In this case POA may select any Linux Shared Hosting server for customers' websites, including Domain Parking server as well.

Customer websites must not be provisioned onto Domain Parking servers as it breaks parked domains.


Carefully analyze resource types based on the 'Physical Hosting (Apache)' Resource Class - make sure that only Provisioning Attributes assigned to proper Legacy Linux Shared Hosting servers (not Domain Parking servers) are assigned to such resources. Also, make sure that all such resources have Provisioning Attributes assigned.

The only possible way to restore Domain Parking service is to remove all customers' websites created on the server. You may find all websites provisioned on a particular server in POA Provider Control Panel at Service Director > Shared Hosting Manager > Websites > filter websites by the problem server hostname.

After Provider fixed the problem with improperly assigned Provisioning Attributes, customers just have to remove web hosting service from their domains whose websites were mistakenly created on the Domain Parking servers and add web hosting back to their domains. Since proper Provisioning Attributes are already assigned to the resources at this point POA will create customers' websites on the proper servers.

Of course, before removing live websites customers have to backup their content and then restore it in the new place.

After all customers' websites were removed from the Domain Parking server Provider has to perform one more action:
  1. Login to the problem Domain Parking server
  2. Remove all content of the /usr/local/pem/etc/apache/httpd.conf_pem.srv file
  3. Restart Apache service: service pemhttpd restart

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