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Support Options for Plesk Panel 11.x and Plesk Automation

Article ID: 114130, created on Jun 18, 2012, last review on Mar 31, 2015

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Odin offers different kinds of support for Plesk Panel 11.x and Plesk Automation users. In order to find the support options available for your license, find the category, which mentions where you purchased your license, then find the required point depending on what kind of license you have.

NOTE: For support options for Plesk 12 please refer to this article.

Support for direct Odin customers

The listed support options are for Odin Partners and for customers who purchased the product directly from Odin or AWS (Amazon Web Services) Marketplace.

  • [Free] For customers with a Plesk Panel 11.x Unlimited license on a dedicated server who bought the license directly from Odin or AWS Marketplace:

    24/7/365 email, phone, chat

  • For Odin Partners. Partner support options vary based on a Partner status. If you need information on support options available for your Partner level, please contact your Sales representative.

  • [Free] For customers using Plesk Automation:

    24/7/365 email, phone, chat

Support for customers, who purchased a license from an Odin Partner

Note: If you purchased your product from an Odin Partner, we recommend you to use support from that provider. Odin partners are fully trained by Odin and deliver best-in-the-industry support for Odin products running on their infrastructure.

  • [Free] For customers with a Plesk Panel 11.x Unlimited license on a dedicated server:

    24/7/365 email

  • [Free] For customers using Plesk Automation:

    24/7/365 email

Support options available for all owners of a Plesk Panel 11.x license

  • Paid Support.

    You can purchase support at the Plesk Panel Support and Services page.

    24/7/365 email, phone, chat

    If you buy Per Incident Support, a new ticket with Odin Technical Support will be created automatically. You will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to use the support incident after your order is completed.

  • [Free] Self Service Support.

    You can find all the available online support resources at the Self Service Support Resources page.

    You can use the product documentaion, Knowledgebase, find a solution or ask a question on the Odin Forum. The user community is supported by Plesk Experts, Odin support staff, and engineering resources.

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