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Article ID: 9608, created on Jan 26, 2011, last review on May 19, 2015

  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo 6.0
  • Virtual Automation 6.0


The issue usually occurs after upgrading Parallels Virtual Automation (PVA) Agent. When trying to access the PPP of a virtual machine (VM), right after logging in, the following error message is shown:

Application Error
The server has encountered an internal error or misconfiguration.
Contact your support representative.

Additionally, in /var/log/pva/pp/<DATE>-cpcon.log, these messages may appear on every access attempt:

18/01/2011 09:55:23.0452650 () : XSLT: runtime error: file /var/opt/pva/pp/xsl/lib/vt/core.xsl line 158 element die
18/01/2011 09:55:23.0453050 () : XSLT: sw:die : XSL transformation stops
18/01/2011 09:55:23.0453270 () : void xslElemDie(xsltTransformContext*, xmlNode*, xmlNode*, xsltElemPreComp*) at xslext/xslutils.cpp:228 : template name='show-os-apps'  (param at /var/opt/pva/pp/xsl/lib/vz/vzenv-apps.xsl:35)
template name='body' match='body'  (variable at /var/opt/pva/pp/xsl/screens/index.xsl:50)
template match='/'  (choose at /var/opt/pva/pp/xsl/screens/index.xsl:36)
18/01/2011 09:55:23.0453490 () : void xslElemDie(xsltTransformContext*, xmlNode*, xmlNode*, xsltElemPreComp*) at xslext/xslutils.cpp:231 : sw:die : message:

                                       Platform '' is unknown.

18/01/2011 09:55:23.0458890 () : VZAXML* TransformationManager::apply_stylesheet(boost::intrusive_ptr<VZCPDocumentPrototypeT<xslDocumentTraits> >, VZL::VZLMessage*) at TransformationManager.cpp:877 : XSLT processor error state 2.
18/01/2011 09:55:23.0459400 () : int WebCP::httpScreen(std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> >, VZL::VZLMessage*) at WebCP.cpp:1013 : Can't process output XSL transformation for screens/index.xsl


Guest Operating System is set incorrectly in the VM configuration or has a value of Other.


Go to the VM screen in PVA and set the proper Guest Operating System value under General Settings.

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