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Online Store elements location, size and content are defined by respective layout templates. Layout template is a HTML template that is placed in specific place on the web page. Each layout template can be modified to customize the Online Store.


When you are going to modify any element at the Online Store page, the first thing you should do is to find out the name of layout template:

  1. Open the screen of Online Store which you wish to modify.
  2. Open the source code of the page in your browser.
  3. Find the place where the element is defined in code.
  4. The source code contains comments which show the name of the layout template.
  5. Above the code fragment look for the string of the like:

           <layout template name>.tpl

Then you will have to edit this layout template in BA in a  proper way:

  1. Go to BA control panel, open

    BA 5.4: Product Director > Online Store Manager > Layout Templates submenu

    BA 5.5 and later: Products > Online Store > Layout Templates tab

    The list of already added layout templates appears on the screen. If you do not see the template in the list then add it using the 'Add Standard Layout' button.

  2. Make necessary changes of HTML code in the Template field and save them.
  3. Synchronize Online Store:

    BA 5.4: Product Director > Online Store Manager > Synchronization Settings > Synchronize button

    BA 5.5 and later: Products > Online Store > Synchronize Now button

    Please note: if you delete the layout template from the list, then all your changes will be lost and the default layout template will be applied.


You need to add a comment (for instance, 'Click arrow to submit your promo code') under the field for specifying the Promo Code

  1. Open the source code of the online store page and search for 'Promo code'. With its help you will be able to find the name of the layout template. It is 'promocode.tpl'
  2. Go to BA and open 'promocode'  template.

    Insert the following code in the proper place of the template:

     <td colspan="3">
     (Click arrow to submit your promo code)
  3. Synchronize Online Store.

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