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  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.5
  • Operations Automation 5.3

Примечания к выпуску

Полный текст примечаний к выпуску Parallels Operations Automation (POA) 5.5.1 можно скачать здесь.

Известные проблемы

  1. Если на компьютере с WinFileManager установлен IIS 6, то на нем невозможно будет установить новую версию WebFileManager, так как она требует IIS 7. Поэтому после обновления на всех Windows-сайтах перестанет работать файловый менеджер. Смотрите эту статью.

Новые функции и возможности

Виртуальный хостинг на базе Windows

  • Новый файловый менеджер

Облачная инфраструктура

  • Эластичное масштабирование ресурсов

  • Веб-консоль для доступа к серверам

  • Статистика использования ресурсов

  • Мониторинг состояния виртуальных серверов

  • Обнаружение миграции

Общие функции

Улучшенная навигация в панели провайдера


Улучшена производительность Linux Shared Hosting NG

Устраненные неисправности

Hosted Exchange

  • POA-79721 Auto-generated password is not shown during Blackberry account creation.

  • POA-78068 Exchange Statistics Counters are not consistent.

  • POA-77242 Incorrect error message is displayed on calling "" API method with correctly filled "mailbox_store" parameter.

  • POA-77165 A blinking message appears on the "Edit Exchange Mailbox" screen.

Почтовый хостинг на базе Linux

  • POA-78523 Messages redirected by Dovecot Sieve are parsed improperly.

  • POA-77919 Slow CCP load for customers with huge amount of subscriptions (QMail.getHostingInfo).

  • POA-75544 Whoson Service status is shown incorrectly.

Службы обмена сообщениями

  • POA-78194 Problems with the MessageLabs support of the en-GB locale.

  • POA-77838 Multiple <UpdateDomainRequest> requests are sent to MX Logic in the same XML, while MX Logic API only allows one domain per XML.

Хостинг SharePoint

  • POA-72474 POA SharePoint configuration opens firewall.

Виртуальный хостинг на базе Linux

  • POA-80705 SSL certificates could not be assigned on websites with exclusive IP address.

  • POA-80268 Downloading files via new file manager on Linux shared hosting could fail if FTP password contained '#'.

  • POA-79945 If a site application with content management enabled is installed to a webspace, this can damage permissions of the httpdocs directory.

Хостинг VPS

  • POA-79808 The "VPS CPU upper limit in MHz" Resource Type works incorrectly on Windows VPS hosting.

Хостинг приложений

  • POA-80302 Collection of resource usage statistics in SaaS may fail when several threads are spawned.

  • POA-80301 The non-customized APS application name is displayed on the 'Settings' tab.

  • POA-79919 Execution of the 'pem.resetResourceUsage' method causes APS reconfiguration.

  • APS-13928 APSC sends an unexpected PUT to the application endpoint when provisioning a subscription with counters.

  • APS-13896 PHP Runtime does not handle structures properly.

  • APS-13895 The PHP runtime method apsc->getResources() fails if a query returns no result.

  • APS-13617 PHP runtime can't handle 2 instances of an application at the same endpoint.

  • APS-13555 Setting "min-length" is not considered when a password is generated by using class="password".

  • APS-13494 Can't create the application resource type with global settings using Open API.

  • APS-13390 "Instance name setting" dropdown list in Zimbra application resource services has an empty item.

  • APS-13326 Opening the "All Instances" list screen takes more than 5 seconds (longer than the "Customers" list screen).

Облачная инфраструктура

  • CCU-6613 Upgrade from POA 5.4 with the Cloud Infrastructure module used to take up to an hour.

  • CCU-4070 Whenever a server was shut down from within the operating system, its status remained 'Running' in the control panel, and you could neither start nor stop it in a normal way.


  • POA-80311 The pa_updates_installer could fail on a respined update installation.

  • POA-80274 Changing a staff member's password could cause an unforeseen error.

  • POA-80272 The 'precheck' tool doesn't check users with 'pleskd' role.

  • POA-80126 Provider's 'External logout URL' system property overrides the Reseller's one.

  • POA-80069 The 'Cleanup task logs' tasks does not remove previously deleted tasks.

  • POA-80068 DNS tab of a domain is opened slowly.

  • POA-79987 AD properties containing national characters are incorrectly truncated while saving.

  • POA-79983 The 'Website Administration' privilege should control the 'Manage' link in the AWstat list.

  • POA-79929 The 'HOSTING_SUBSCRIPTIONS' CCP menu item is shown even if it is disabled.

  • POA-79920 Order provisioning could lead to a deadlock in database.

  • POA-79855 Provider cannot modify DNS records if the 'DNS Restriction' rules are applied.

  • POA-79854 The 'Manage DNS' link takes customer to the 'Account' tab if there is no DNS hosting.

  • POA-79761 An unforeseen error could occur on trying to edit DNS hosting parameters in a service template.

  • POA-79550 It is not possible to restrict CCP website options via privileges.

  • POA-79504 Terminated subscriptions are activated in POA when an account is released from hold.

  • POA-79404 Billing part of UI is missing when 'branding access point' resource type is linked via an attribute to an NG node (for both webserver and web cluster).

  • POA-79170 For phpBB the wrong entry-point link is used.

  • POA-78872 UI allows to click a button several times.

  • POA-77374 The Sandclock is frozen on downloading XML links in POA CP in IE8/9.

  • POA-77281 There is no warning displayed at CCP Home screen prompting that the Customer needs to top-up his balance.

  • POA-76783 Loading of CCP takes long if customer has a lot of subscriptions.

  • POA-76017 The Sandclock icon does not disappear after downloading a customized locale file in POA CP in IE8.

  • POA-75659 IE8 on WinXP 32bit crashes on certain tabs in CCP (Office365/Configuration/Settings).

  • POA-73540 It's possible to click a submit button twice.

  • POA-73289 PA does not transfer passwords that contain '$$$' sign to MOP properly, cuts off one '$'.

  • POA-73288 PA converts the series of '$' symbols in passwords into a single '$'.

  • POA-72790 The occurrence of JavaScript errors on the CCP Dashboard in IE8.

  • POA-71054 Resource Usage link could open empty screen.

  • POA-70534 An empty toolbar without actions is shown on the Hyper-V VM properties screen.

Как получить обновление

Это обновление можно скачать здесь.

Для его установки обратитесь, пожалуйста, в службу поддержки.


Подробную инструкцию по установке смотрите в файле UPDATE.txt, который входит в дистрибутив.


Все необходимые системные обновления можно легко установить с помощью pa_updates_installer. Инструкция.

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