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  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 5.4


Release Notes

New Features / Changes


PBA-39712 Mandatory AES encryption.
AES encryption is now mandatory. Upgrades from previous versions are not possible if (previously optional) AES encryption was not enabled previously. Make sure to follow instructions at https://kb.odin.com/en/9103 to enable AES encryption before the upgrade to PBA 5.4.6.

A number of minor security improvements have also been introduced.



Issues Fixed


Problem: Promotion does not work if the "PromoCodeID" parameter is passed as a contact slot in the "GetBasketPrices_API" method. 
Fix: The promotion is now applied correctly when "PromoCodeID" is used as a contact slot.

Problem: Executing the "AddPEMSubscriptionWithID_API" method with an empty "DomainName" parameter (which is optional) results in an error. 
Fix: Execution of the method is now handled properly.



Problem: Minor PBA OS migration tool fixes for non-PVC migration scenario. 
Fix: A number of improvements have been introduced: 
•     Check for installed PBA in destination environments is corrected.
•     Runtime die in case of missing "hwid" parameter is fixed.
•     Disable automatic firewall configuration for non-PVC mode is disabled.
•     Path for copy locale files is fixed. 
•     Documentation is updated according to the changes.



Problem: Exception raised on attempt to switch to a boolean resource included in the Resource Category with the "Optional" parameter set to "Yes."
Fix: Switching from specified resources works correctly now.

Problem: It is possible to switch from resource "X" to resource "Y," despite the "Downgradable" option being switched off. 
Fix: The function prohibiting switching from resource-to-resource when downgrading is restricted now works properly.

Problem: The Resource Upgrade Wizard can change the resource limit value without user approval. This occurs in cases where the current resource limit is lower than its minimum value.
Fix: Unprompted changes to resource limits no longer occur. Cases concerning minimum and maximum resource limit values are handled correctly now.

Problem: If service deletion fails for some reason, only a general purpose message is displayed in the service status history, e.g., "Service Destroyed: Removing of Service of Subscription 'X' is failed." 
Fix: The respective message now includes detailed information on the reason for service deletion failure.

Problem: Data on the last screen of the Resource Upgrade Wizard in the Customer Panel is not refreshed automatically in the Farsi locale. 
Fix: Data is now refreshed properly.

Problem: On an attempt to view archived orders, the "Table OItemArc doesn't contain row with id XXX" error occurs. 
Fix: Extra fetch has been removed from the corresponding query; archived orders now open with no error.

Problem: An error message is not shown when trying to upgrade resources from the "Resources" tab if an unprocessed Upgrade/Downgrade/Sales Order already exists for that subscription. 
Fix: An appropriate error message is now displayed, notifying the user about the necessity to wait until the conflicting order is processed.



Problem: DTAUS plugin generates invoices with "Payment Reject Charge" detail description unlocalized. 
Fix: The description is now translated to the Customer's language.

Problem: There are unlocalized "New Limit" spinner values and respective tooltips of the Buy Additional Resources Wizard in a Customer Control Panel with the Farsi locale. 
Fix: The controls are displayed properly now.

Problem: Customer Control Panel home section controls ("Account, "Store," and "Domains") are not inverted in the Farsi locale. 
Fix: The controls are displayed properly now.

Problem: Controls of the Action bar are not inverted in the Farsi locale. 
Fix: The controls are displayed properly now.

Problem: "Help" and "Logout" link icons in the top frame are not aligned in the Farsi locale. 
Fix: The controls are aligned properly now.

Problem: Some statuses and comments in a subscription's Service Status History are not localized. 
Fix: Missing locale strings have been added to the locale.



Problem: Manual timezone setting in PHP configuration is required to avoid performance degradation and fast disk filling. 
Fix: The documentation has been updated with the respective instructions.

Problem: PBA Windows Upgrade Guide does not reflect that a Windows server restart is required to prevent occasional issues with MSI installer. 
Fix: The documentation has been updated.



Problem: An empty optional "DomainID" subscription parameter can result in incorrect domain provisioning in POA. 
Fix: PBA no longer tries to create a domain in POA if the domain name is not specified or is empty.

Problem: Upgrade Wizard works incorrectly in cases where a period is used as a thousands separator. 
Fix: Respective validators have been updated; the Wizard now works correctly with a "." (period) set as "&thousands_separator."


Installation Instructions

New Installations:
Linux: http://download.pa.parallels.com/pba/5.4/doc/pdf/Deployment_Guides/PBA_5_4_for_Linux_Deployment_Guide.pdf
Windows: http://download.pa.parallels.com/pba/5.4/doc/pdf/Deployment_Guides/PBA_5_4_for_Windows_Deployment_Guide.pdf

Linux: http://download.pa.parallels.com/pba/5.4/doc/pdf/Deployment_Guides/PBA_5_4_for_Linux_Upgrade_Guide.pdf
Windows: http://download.pa.parallels.com/pba/5.4/doc/pdf/Deployment_Guides/PBA_5_4_for_Windows_Upgrade_Guide.pdf

Linux: http://download.pa.parallels.com/pba/5.4/doc/pdf/Deployment_Guides/PBA_5_4_Migration_Guide.pdf

Installation files:
Note: Use the installation files listed below instead of the ones given in the "Downloading and Copying Installation Files" section of the corresponding guide.

RHEL4/Centos4 – 32-bit
App: http://download.pa.parallels.com/pba/5.4/5.4.6-update6/el4/pba-installer-5.4.6-022.el4.i686.sh
Store: http://download.pa.parallels.com/pba/5.4/5.4.6-update6/el4/pba-templatestore-installer-5.4.6-022.el4.i686.sh
DB: http://download.pa.parallels.com/pba/5.4/5.4.6-update6/el4/pba-db-installer-5.4.6-022.el4.i686.sh
SDK: http://download.pa.parallels.com/pba/5.4/5.4.6-update6/el4/pba-sdk-installer-5.4.6-022.el4.i686.sh
RHEL6/Centos6 – 64-bit
App: http://download.pa.parallels.com/pba/5.4/5.4.6-update6/el6/pba-installer-5.4.6-022.el6.x86_64.sh
Store: http://download.pa.parallels.com/pba/5.4/5.4.6-update6/el6/pba-templatestore-installer-5.4.6-022.el6.x86_64.sh
DB: http://download.pa.parallels.com/pba/5.4/5.4.6-update6/el6/pba-db-installer-5.4.6-022.el6.x86_64.sh
SDK: http://download.pa.parallels.com/pba/5.4/5.4.6-update6/el6/pba-sdk-installer-5.4.6-022.el6.x86_64.sh
Migration: http://download.pa.parallels.com/pba/5.4/5.4.6-update6/el6/pba-migration-installer-5.4.6-022.el6.x86_64.sh
Windows 2008 – 64-bit
App: http://download.pa.parallels.com/pba/5.4/5.4.6-update6/win64/pba-installer-5.4.6-022.x86_64.exe
Store: http://download.pa.parallels.com/pba/5.4/5.4.6-update6/win64/bm-templatestore-5.4.6-022.x86_64.msi
Windows 2003 – 32-bit
App: http://download.pa.parallels.com/pba/5.4/5.4.6-update6/win32/pba-installer-5.4.6-022.x86.exe
Store: http://download.pa.parallels.com/pba/5.4/5.4.6-update6/win32/bm-templatestore-5.4.6-022.x86.msi

Additional Information

  1. PBA will require a restart during the update.
  2. During the upgrade, all PBA RPMs will be upgraded to newer versions. If a backup is made with a server/VPS restart, then the private key for credit card encryption needs to be reloaded.
  3. Additional documentation can be found here: http://download.pa.parallels.com/pba/5.4/.


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