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Monitor Daily Billing Process

PBA has set of periodic tasks to automate recurring processes. The most important is the Daily Billing Process. This is the scheduled task that wakes up once a day by the PBA Scheduler and performs the following actions:

  • Generate recurring billing documents for subscriptions

  • Renew subscriptions

  • Change subscription state (Graced, Expired, Terminated)

  • Send notifications

Important: The Daily Billing Process is time and resource consuming process, it must be configured to be run in non-business time (usually in the night).

Check the PBA Scheduler in the PBA Provider Control Panel at Configuration Director > Event Manager Settings > Scheduler to make sure that the Daily Billing Process is configured to be run in non-business time.

The Daily Billing Process processes each subscription of each account. If even one subscription processing is failed, all account subscriptions are considered unprocessed and no events will be generated. Daily Billing Process will try to process the failed account on the next run. If an account was billed properly its Last Billing Date will be set to the current date (when the Daily Billing Process was ran). If PBA encountered problems with account billing then Last Billing Date of such account will not be changed.

It is recommended to regularly check the Last Billing Date parameter of customer accounts to make sure none of subscriptions have failed check during the Daily Billing Process. Follow the steps below to find accounts which cannot be billed properly.

  1. Log into the PBA Provider Control Panel

  2. Go to Operation Director > Account Manager > Customers

  3. Filter accounts by Account Status = Active

  4. Sort accounts by the Last Billing Date field in the descending order

  5. Check if there are accounts with Last Billing Date in the past for more than 24 hours from current date

  6. Repeat the steps 3-5 for reseller accounts at Operation Director > Account Manager > Resellers

  7. Repeat the steps 3-5 for customer of resellers at Operation Director > Account Manager > Customers of Resellers

For every account with improper Last Billing Date (that in the past for more than 24 hours from the current date) perform the following actions:

  • Click on the non-billed account

  • Click the Bill This Account button in the Balance Information section

  • Wait until screen refreshes and result of operation appear - successful or unsuccessful

Clicking the Bill This Account button initiates Daily Billing Process for single account. If the problem with account billing is still actual PBA may show error message in the Control Panel. If no meaningful error message is shown in CP it is needed to analyze PBA log (usually log of BM container - BM.log or generic_worker.log in BA 6.x) to find the actual reason of problem.

Additional information

See the main article #113946 Parallels Automation Maintenance Guide for checking other important settings.

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