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PACI Load Balancers accounting logic

Article ID: 113188, created on Jan 19, 2012, last review on May 2, 2014

  • Operations Automation 5.4


The article describes how Load Balancers (LB) are limited and accounted within a Cloud Infrastructure (CI) subscription.

The amount of Load Balancers created under a Cloud Infrastructure subscription corresponds to the total number of CI Servers created under the subscription. So, the Load Balancer resources are charged as a separate Virtual Environment (VE) in a subscription.

For example, if a subscription has the limit of N CI Servers, and the subscription owner created one Load Balancer, then total number of regular CI Servers for the subscription will be N-1.


CI Virtual Environments Limit in Service Plan: 
Amount of Load Balancers: 
CI Servers left: 

The Load Balancer accounting is going to be improved in the future versions of Parallels Automation in scope of the following requests:

  1. CCU-6685 - To allow billing for LB resources separately
  2. CCU-6686 - To add the ability to stop LB if all VEs that are attached to it are stopped

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