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How to rename Plesk Domain registered in PBAS

Article ID: 113016, created on Dec 16, 2011, last review on Aug 12, 2014

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There is a Plesk Domain subscription called domain.tld. How can I rename the domain to newname.tld without changing the DNS configuration?


The Plesk Domain domain.tld may be renamed through PBAS Control Panel at:

System > Websites & Domains > "More >>" > domain.tld: Domain name *

Put the new domain name, newname.tld, into the field Domain name and click OK to save the changes.
In Parallels Plesk Panel the domain is renamed to newname.tld. While the name of the PBAS subscription is changed to  newname.tld, the subscription ID (#50)remains unchanged.  

NOTE: PBAS 4.1.5 and previous versions require additional actions to restore the Plesk Domain and DNS functionality after renaming the Plesk Domain in Control Panel.  In PBAS Conflict Resolver, the renamed Plesk Domain newname.tld is displayed on the tab Absent on Plesk:
Top > Migration Director > Conflicts Resolver > Plesk Domains > Absent on Plesk
After manually resolving the conflict, PBAS will revert Plesk Domain to the Active state and create the new domain, newname.tld, in:
Top > Service Director > Domain Manager > Domains
Both old (domain.tld) and new (newname.tld) domains have the Plesk Domain subscription ID #50 as their DNS zone supplier:
Top > Service Director > Domain Manager > Domains > newname.tld {domain.tld}
Used by subscriptions    50

The DNS hosting state of the new domain, newname.tld, depends on the amount of free resources available for subscription, i.e., Number of domains with DNS hosting provided (numdnshosting). If a subscription has reached its resource limit, DNS hosting will be disabled for the newly-created domain. In such a case, the Provider or Customer should manually disable DNS hosting for one of the domains assigned to Plesk Domain subscription, and enable DNS hosting for the newly-created, renamed domain. This may be accomplished by the Provider through Domain Manager:
Top > Service Director > Domain Manager > Domains > domain.tld
or by the Customer through CP:
System > Domain Management > All My Domains > domain.tld

Click Edit and change DNS Hosting status. After this action, change DNS Hosting status for newname.tld in the same place.
As an alternative solution, the Customer can buy additional Number of domains with DNS hosting provided (numdnshosting)resources through CP:
Upgrade Center > Buy Resources for subscription #50
To eliminate manual actions in Conflict Resolver, the PBAS team has released the following hotfix which should be completed by the Provider after the Plesk Domain rename in CP:
Note: This hotfix is applicable for Parallels Business Automation - Standard 4.1.5 only.
1. Upload attached file to PBAS management node.
2. Replace existing file with:
3. Restart PBAS backend to apply changes:
   ~# service hspcd restart

Note: The hotfix does not fix the necessity to operate with DNS Hosting status for the new and old domains if Number of domains with DNS hosting provided (numdnshosting) has reached its limit for Plesk Domain subscription.


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