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Customers using the Linux Shared Hosting NG service have to synchronize .htaccess files via the POA Customer Control Panel after creating a new .htaccess file in their website.

Is there a way to synchronize .htaccess files automatically like it works in the Standard Linux Shared Hosting service?


The Apache server used in the Standard Linux Shared Hosting service in POA works with .htaccess files in the same way as the stock Apache does. There is no need to synchronize .htaccess files after their creation because Apache scans all directories for .htaccess file on every request to a website. This approach creates performance issues as every request to a website leads to I/O operations to search for .htaccess files.

Read more about .htaccess files processing on the official Apache website: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/howto/htaccess.html (the 'When (not) to use .htaccess files' section in particular).

The Apache server used in the NG Hosting service does not scan for .htaccess files on every request to a website. The list of all .htaccess files for each webspace is saved in POA and is updated when user clicks on the 'Sync htaccess' button in the POA Customer Control Panel. Such approach allows to decrease amount of I/O operations done on every request to a website and allows to achieve higher density for NG cluster: Managing .htaccess Files.

In the current POA implementation, the only way to let the Apache server on the NG Hosting server to process new .htaccess file is to use the 'Sync htaccess' button in the Customer Control Panel.

Note: It is only necessary to do synchronization when a new .htaccess file was created. There is no need to do synchronization if the existing .htaccess file was modified.

There is existing request to improve the described above behavior - allow to trigger .htaccess synchronization using POA API or create a periodic task that will trigger synchronization of .htaccess files, the request ID is POA-71530.

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