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  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.1


以下は、Parallels Business Automation Standard 4.1 に対応するアップデートのリストです。

  1. PBAS 4.1.1 -> PBAS 4.1.5
  2. PBAS 4.1.2 -> PBAS 4.1.3 -> PBAS 4.1.4 -> PBAS 4.1.5
  3. PBAS 4.1.3 -> PBAS 4.1.4 -> PBAS 4.1.5
  4. PBAS 4.1.4 -> PBAS 4.1.5

Parallels Business Automation - Standard 4.1 アップデート 5

新機能(6 件):
PBAS-26617 Plesk 10.4 support
PBAS-26630 Improved PTR Records Management
PBAS-26478 OpenSRS domain plugin improved
PBAS-26618 Assist payment plug-in now supports new protocol
PBAS-26408 Status of autorenew for subscription in CP is improved
PBAS-26615 [PayPal Adaptive] transaction tracking improved
バグの修正(17 件):
PBAS-26434 Assist plugin improved: additional checks added, buyer data prefill during redirect
PBAS-25294 [eNom] register .it domains improved
PBAS-24706 [OpenSRS] register .es domains improved
PBAS-24248 [OpenSRS] register .eu domains improved
PBAS-26666 Improve uploading files to PVC contaier
PBAS-26657 [SagePay] Payments with SagePay Tokens does not work for Canadian customers.
PBAS-26642 Installation of PVC applications (templates) with dependencies is broken
PBAS-26616 [PayPal Adaptive] wrong endingDate value is sent during request
PBAS-26614 For reseller's clone of provider's HP the reseller is not charged for "hosting plan setup fee"
PBAS-26612 Traffic shaping can not be set for PVC 4.6
PBAS-26604 PVC 4.6 performance improved
PBAS-26593 Customer locale is not propagated to POA
PBAS-26582 PBAS+vzlin4.7: can't set traffic class #1
PBAS-26650 Exclusion for IP has not been added while registering PVC node, if its IP is in IP pool
PBAS-26632 Provisioning of subscription on base of HP with disabled permission "Log rotation management", hosting type "Physical hosting" and enabled preference "Enable log rotation" fail
PBAS-26621 JA locale improved
PBAS-26594 Integrated POA CP has wrong symbols for French locale.

Parallels Business Automation - Standard 4.1 アップデート 4

新機能(7 件):
PBAS-26159 Full Support of Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.7
PBAS-26026 Support of Revenue Share Pricing Model
PBAS-25335 Wildcard SSL Certificates Support
PBAS-26419 New OpenSRS SSL Plug-In
PBAS-26253 New EPAG Domain Registration Plug-In
PBAS-25335 New Products Added for eNom SSL Plug-In
PBAS-25874 Improved Network Interface Management for Parallels  Virtuozzo Containers

バグの修正(19 件):
PBAS-26516 "Live migration" flag is ignored for migration of CT from PVC 4.6 node.
PBAS-26547 PBAS UI hangs after some time working.
PBAS-26480 Cannot create container backup on a remote HW node.
PBAS-26474 VZwin is registered in PBAS 4.1 with IP.
PBAS-26468 Hardware node does not synchronize settings with PBA-S.
PBAS-26467 Synchronization of VZwin 4.6 container leads to empty nameservers.
PBAS-26366 [ESNIC] Period is not sent in renewal request.
PBAS-26477 For deleted subscription domain termination request is sent to SIDNEPP again and again, but the transaction fails due to  error "This transaction is incompatible with the domain names current status".
PBAS-26471 Cannot make purchase with plug-in 'PayPal Adaptive Payments' with Spanish locate.
PBAS-26464 SagePay:unable to charge customers from US/Canada -  BillingState field is missing.
PBAS-24875 eNom API problem when renewing expired domains
PBAS-26482 Not able to reset the Plesk admin password by PBAS means.
PBAS-24743 PBAS Plesk domain limits re-shuffling after provisioning additional domains.
PBAS-25707 SDK documentation wrong: incorrect process_cert_form method.
PBAS-25400 PBAS 4.0 documentation. Incorrect steps in Managing POA services.
PBAS-25991 No information about domains' statuses.
PBAS-26406 Error in PBA-S Paypal Direct Credit Card Plug-in help docs.
PBAS-26529 Dutch locale is broken.
PBAS-26070 Error during SSL certificate management.

Parallels Business Automation - Standard 4.1 アップデート 3

バグの修正(7 件):
  PBAS-26397 Fix issue with Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 3.x integration
  PBAS-26441 New option cannot be added to Custom Attribute
  PBAS-26413 Payment processing for CIM is broken if fraud checking is enabled
  PBAS-26398 Control for assign domain to subscription changed
  PBAS-26436 Parallels Server integration: not possible to use more than
    one nameserver in VM template
  PBAS-26316 button "Log in to Parallels Plesk Control Panel" does not work
    if password contains double quote symbol
  PBAS-26396 POA synchronization should be optimized

Parallels Business Automation - Standard 4.1 アップデート 2

新機能(3 件):
  PBAS-26361 Encrypt PayPal agrement payment methods
  PBAS-26364 Encrypt SagePay payment methods
  PBAS-26370 Spain states should be selectable from combobox in ESNIC plugin
バグの修正(4 件):
  PBAS-26337 [support] Next page of Custom Attributes isn't displayed
  PBAS-26215 Customer can't login to POA after change admin contact
  PBAS-25361 Notifications for SSL orders improved
  PBAS-26362 Incorrect resource cost/value is set up by upgrade 4.0->4.1

Parallels Business Automation - Standard 4.1 アップデート 1
 (PBAS 4.1 公式リリース)

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