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Unable to backup containers to NFS share

Article ID: 118500, created on Nov 7, 2013, last review on Aug 15, 2014

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A container backup fails with the following error:

[root@vz-backup ~]# vzabackup -F --backup-folder-path /vz/backups/test localhost -e 800900
Starting backup operation for node ''...
Backup operation for node '' failed: Failed to perform the file backup
Acronis Error: Module=0 Code=0, Tag=0,
Backup failed

Backup folder is located at NFS share:

[root@vz-backup ~]# mount | grep backup on /vz/backups type nfs (rw,noatime,nfsvers=3,mountproto=tcp,addr=,mountaddr=

PVA Agent log file with log level 4 shows the following errors:

Acronis Error: Module=4 Code=20, "Access to the file is denied."{$module="ERROR_MODULE_NAME"}, Tag=4440164880728584274,K:/574/file/unix/posixsp.cpp:Open:468
Acronis Error: Module=4 Code=23, "Failed to lock the file."{$module="ERROR_MODULE_NAME"}, Tag=4440164880728583947,K:/574/file/unix/posixsp.cpp:DoLockFileHandle:141
Acronis Error: Module=0 Code=65521, "Input/output error"{code=5}{$module="ERROR_MODULE_NAME"}, Tag=bd28fdbd64edb900,K:/574/common/error.cpp:AddPosixError:142
/opt/pva/agent/lib/ (VZL::setAcronisErrorMessage(char const*, Common::Error const&) + 0x589) [0x7ff256b24bcf]
T=15:37:14:333; L=(dbg); PID=36294; TID=7ff249094700; P=VZLBackup [translateAcronisErrorCode] Calling [int VZL::<unnamed>::translateAcronisErrorCode(unsigned int)]
T=15:37:14:333; L=(dbg); PID=36294; TID=7ff249094700; P=VZLBackup [endCommand] [VZLClientDataExchange::endCommand] Got Acronis Error.
Acronis Error: Module=4 Code=20, "Access to the file is denied."{$module="ERROR_MODULE_NAME"}, Tag=4440164880728584274,K:/574/file/unix/posixsp


Improper NFS server configuration, which doesn't allow the backup process to lock container files.


Three possible ways of resolution:

  1. [Preferable] Solve the issues with the NFS server, so that it allows remote locks.

  2. Remount the NFS share with "local_lock" option. The option is available for NFS v2/v3 only.

  3. [Least preferable] Remount the NFS share with "nolock" option.

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cannot backup

Failed to lock the file

Input/output error


Access to the file is denied

Backup operation failed at 100%


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