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You can use the reset_admin_pw.pl utility which will reset administrator's password to random value. Then it will inform you about administrator's login and password.

Just enter your box via ssh/telnet/another console session. After that:

1. Enter your Parallels Confixx installation directory (typically /root/confixx)

    # cd /root/confixx

2. Run the reset_admin_pw.pl

    # ./reset_admin_pw.pl
    New password for Confixx login "admin" is: zxCexZro

3. Enter the web panel with the new login/password and change them to the desired values.

You can also try --password key to set the password not to random value but to the value you specified:

# ./reset_admin_pw.pl --password MyPassword
New password for Confixx login "admin" is: MyPassword

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