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  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.3
  • Operations Automation 5.2


After installing Exchange 2010 SP1 offline and/or online address books are empty. See screenshot:


POA uses msExchQueryBaseDN attribute to limit a user’s scope of the global address book and address searches.
With Exchange 2010 SP1, the following unexpected behavior is encountered in Outlook when msExchQueryBaseDN attribute is set:
The OWA application will show the default global address with elements from the configured msExchQueryBaseDN downwards.
Outlook 2007/2010 will show an empty global address list; other global address lists are invisible. Searching the address book in OWA works, in Outlook it doesn’t because Outlook thinks the address list is empty.


POA 5.2 update 03 creates mailboxes with right value of  msExchQueryBaseDN attribute by default. But for all existing mailboxes created before POA 5.2 update 03 should be fixed manually. It is possible fix either all mailboxes of one subscription, or all Exchange 2010 subscriptions.

Note: A lot of tasks will be scheduled while execution of Exchange_ctl for all subscriptions ( "subscription_id" parameter equals 0 ) and full  POA Task Manager queue for a period of time. Use Exchange_ctl utility when loading on POA Management node is low to prevent any failures.

Following sample used to clear msExchQueryBaseDN attribute for all mailboxes of subscription 1000111.

For Linux Management node execute:
cd /usr/local/pem
. ./bin/
./bin/Exchange_ctl -f etc/pleskd.props sc dumpMsExchQueryBaseDn 1000111 CLEAR 2010

Note: to see usage, execute:
./bin/Exchange_ctl -f etc/pleskd.props sc

For Windows Management node execute:
cd C:\Program Files\SWSoft\PEM
bin\Exchange_ctl -f etc\pleskd.props sc dumpMsExchQueryBaseDn 1000111 CLEAR 2010

Note: to see usage, execute:
bin\Exchange_ctl -f etc\pleskd.props sc

After checking the work-around on one subscription as described above, apply it on all existing Exchange 2010 subscriptions:
./bin/Exchange_ctl -f etc/pleskd.props sc dumpMsExchQueryBaseDn 0 CLEAR 2010

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