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  • Operations Automation 5.5
  • Business Automation


How to change session timeout in PBA Control Panel?


Session timeout for PBA Control Panel is defined in the PBA_ROOT/etc/ssm.conf.d/www.conf file on the PBA application server in the [arguments] section as in the example below:


PBA_ROOT is the PBA installation root folder, the default values are:

  • PBA for Linux: /usr/local/bm
  • PBA for Windows: C:\Program Files\Parallels\PBA

Timeout should be set in seconds. Please note that the setting is applicable to all the users, there is a feature request #PBA-27977 to implement possibility to configure session timeouts per user. If you added/modified this parameter, restart the www container for the changes to take effect - execute the command below on the PBA Application Server:

PBA for Linux:

# service pba restart www

PBA for Windows:

ssm restart www

Please refer to the documentation for additional details.

Additional Information

Refer to the article #116383 for instructions how to change a session timeout for POA Control Panel.

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