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On importing site you are getting error like:

- (WARNING: 16ff000000000016): Could not restore 'domain_com_016': /usr/bin/mysql: unknown option '--:q'
. You will be able to recover the databases from /var/lib/mysql/domain_com_016.mysql.dmp


- (WARNING: 16ff000000000016): Could not restore ABCD_mail': sh: line 1: /usr/bin/mysql: No such file or directory
127 . You will be able to recover the databases from /var/lib/mysql/ABCD_mail.mysql.dmp


Usually this is related to the python bug. You have to install the following patch

How to install the patch:

1. Download tarfile.patch
wget http://bugs.python.org/file2369/tarfile.patch

2. Install the patch
patch -p0 < tarfile.patch

Here you have to specify the path to the tarfile.py (/usr/lib/python2.4/tarfile.py)

Try to import site again.

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