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An external system (refer to documentation) tries to register a session in OA using one of the following links:

http://<UI IP>:8080/servlet/Sessions?event=login&user=<USERNAME>&password=<PASSWORD>\?event=login&login=<USERNAME>&password=<PASSWORD>&session_id=000001

Or via secret:

http://<UI IP>:8080/servlet/Sessions?event=login&user=<USERNAME>&secret=<PASSWORD>\?event=login&login=<USERNAME>&secret=<SECRET>&session_id=000001

but gets

403 - ERROR:javax.servlet.ServletException: Can't login

Login and password are valid.


Customers attached to brands can login using their branded URL only. This is default behavior, but can be changed for enabling some special integration with external systems which do not operate with OA brands.


To enable login from different brands, one should add the following string:


In OA 6.0, this line should be added to the following file:


Since OA 7.0, service 'pau' is responsible for OA UI, and this line should be added in the following file:


In OA 7.1, the following file should be used:


When aforementioned modifications would be applied please restart OA UI on the OA UI host:

  1. For OA 6.0:

    /etc/init.d/pemui restart
  2. For OA 7.0 and later (please check this KB Article for additional details regarding restart of services):

    /etc/init.d/pau restart

In case UI is running on NG cluster, this modification has to be made on all nodes of the cluster.

Note: the correct way to add this line would be on a new line, without indentation, e.g.:

client.include.resources = rc.ve_backup.diskspace,, \

Note: It is not recommended to keep this parameter in /usr/local/pem/ui/WEB-INF/conf/ - this file may be overwritten during updates.

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