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Customer is using a domain registered elsewhere for mail hosting based on Microsoft Exchange 2007, so POA does not manage DNS for the domain. The customer configures local Outlook profile with the auto-configuration script, but offline address book can not be downloaded.


The auto-configuration script generated by POA is designed to be used with custom primary e-mail addresses, if the primary e-mail address is not custom one, the script does not  configure Outlook 2007.


There are a few ways to resolve such kind of issues, for example:

1. Advise the customer to add an autodiscover (type "A") record for their domain and point it to the Provider's autodiscover service IP address.


2. Ask the customer to modify the auto-configuration script before running:
    a) download the configuration script and open it with notepad
    b) locate and change the following strings in the script:
' Configure Autodiscover for Custom email address
Dim customEmail
customEmail = ""
change to
' Configure Autodiscover for Custom email address
Dim customEmail
customEmail = ""

    c) save the file and run the script

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