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How may I switch the webmail for the subscription?


NOTE: Before changing webmail make sure additional webmail component in installed and enabled (Check this in Home > Tools & Settings > Webmail). Otherwise you would not have a choice of what webmail to select instead of the current one.

  1. Follow Home > Subscriptions > .

  2. Open the Mail tab.

  3. Click Change Settings.

  4. Find the Webmail parameter and select the webmail from the list.

Once Webmail is enabled, it can be accessed via a browser by using the "webmail.domainname" alias.

Example: http://webmail.domain.tld

Note: "webmail.domain.tld" should resolve to the IP address of the server. If you have not yet made the Parallels Plesk Panel server to be the authoritative nameserver for the domain, you can manually set up a name resolution rule on your workstation. If it is running Windows, edit the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file and add the following line: webmail.domain.tld

(The instructions above assume that the domain.tld is assigned to the IP address in Parallels Plesk Panel.)

Additional information

If webmail does not work, please use serach in our knowledgebase to troubleshoot the issue.

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