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Plesk Automation supports two licensing scenarios since version 11.5.

Scenario 1: Management Node + Service Node Licensing

Plesk Automation requires the following licenses to be installed on the Management Node and Service Nodes:

  • Main license - This license limits the number of accounts, domains, Web Presence Builder websites. License starts with Plesk Automation and has format: PPA.12345678.1234. It should be installed on the Management Node only.

  • Plesk license - This license limits the operations on the Service Nodes. License starts with PLSK and has format is: PLSK.12345678.1234. In terms of Plesk Automation, it is additional license.

Note: Plesk Automation only accepts Lease Plesk Unlimited keys for a dedicated server.

Separate additional Plesk licenses should be installed on:

  • All Service Nodes added in Plesk Automation if it acts as:
    • Apache Web Server Node
    • IIS Web Server Node
    • Postfix/SmarterMail/MailEnable/other external Mail Server Node

Note: Standalone DNS, Database, Backup and Webmail Service Nodes do not require Additional License to be installed, except if the server has additional services from the list above.

Since version 11.5, Management Node does not require a Plesk license. The licensing model for version 11.1 can be found in article: Plesk Automation 11.1 licensing.

Scenario 2: Management Node + Licensing by # of Websites

Plesk Automation can be licensed with a single license called Plesk Automation with Unlimited Nodes. This scenario eliminates the need for Plesk Unlimited licenses on connected web and email nodes.

This license limits the number of hosted websites in Plesk Automation. If the websites limit is reached, it is necessary to upgrade licenses to allow for more domains.

NOTE: The 'hosted websites' include the domain with Web or Mail hosting. The subdomains are excluded from the counting unless it were created with "Add new domain" button.

Additional Information

You can find more information about Plesk Automation purchase here:


Switching between different license scenarios is possible at any time.

Operations with licenses are performed in License Manager:

Plesk Automation Administration Panel > License & Security > License Manager

  • Switch to the Main License tab to manage the main Plesk Automation license;
  • Switch to the Additional Licenses tab to manage Service Nodes licenses.

To find your Plesk Automation license number check the article:

#114980 How can I find Plesk Automation license key number

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Hello, We are running Plesk automation on our server with IIS+SQL service node We would like to add new IIS service node because current service node space is getting full Is it possible ? What is the procedure to add new IIS + MSSQL sevice node & use it to add new accounts instead of current IIS service node Any extra license required ? Kind Regards, Sam

add new service


Adding new IIS+MSSQL service node

cannot assign license

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