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Xinetd sevice stopped after installation of microupdate Jun, 29 2015
Unable to add ssh key with comment starting with "#" using SSH Keys Manager extension Jun, 25 2015
Plesk 12.0.18 MU#52 Jun, 25 2015
Atomic ModSecurity rule set (subscription) does not work even after Plesk 12 MU#52 is installed Jun, 25 2015
cPanel Web Presence Builder displays DOMAIN instead site name. Cannot be published to the specified location. Cannot connect to the host via ftp. Jun, 24 2015
Customer can't login to Plesk with Plesk Billing account. It says the password is wrong even when it's correct. Jun, 23 2015
Migration error: The managed runtime version 2.0 is not available on the destination server Jun, 22 2015
Is it possible to configure Preferred domain option in service plan? Jun, 22 2015
Unable to load Plesk: 500.0 - Internal Server Error Jun, 21 2015
I cannot login in Plesk Panel - Authentication failed: invalid username or password specified Jun, 21 2015
Nginx configuration test failed after changing SSL certificate Jun, 21 2015
Can't edit the domain after Plesk upgrade to 11.5: Jun, 19 2015
Mail doesn't work after migration from Confixx: fatal: open database /etc/postfix/confixx_virtualUsers.db: No such file or directory Jun, 19 2015
Microsoft SQL Server is missing in SQL Services Jun, 19 2015
Unable to create mail acconts: Unable to update the mail account properties OR That name is already being used Jun, 18 2015
Website shows: SQL Server Network Interfaces: Error Locating Server/Instance Specified [xFFFFFFFF] Jun, 18 2015
Unable to switch from Qmail to Postfix: do not list domain in BOTH mydestination and virtual_alias_domains Jun, 18 2015
Deleting of subdomain delets httpdocs folder with content from main domain Jun, 18 2015
Website shows 504 Gateway Time-out error. Upstream prematurely closed connection while reading response header from upstream. Jun, 18 2015
The follwoing error appeares when generating CSR for the domain: "Error: Unable to create a CSR: openssl failed" Jun, 18 2015

The articles updated most recently

Unable to migrate/restore subscription: "Entity not defined" or "Cannot encrypt dump file" Jun, 30 2015
I cannot log in to my Online Store account Jun, 30 2015
Change ip for subscription over API "Unable to update hosting preferences. Failed to updated ip. Can't set to addon domain ip different from webspace ip" Jun, 30 2015
[How to] Upgrade custom PHP 5 for Plesk Jun, 30 2015
I have an issue with mail sending and see errors in the maillog Jun, 30 2015
Reseller account gets suspended when there is no resources overuse. Jun, 30 2015
Watchdog breaks services on server reboot Jun, 30 2015
Xinetd sevice stopped after installation of microupdate Jun, 29 2015
Wordpress Toolkit is showing \httpdocs instead of the correct name Jun, 29 2015
Atomic ModSecurity rule set (subscription) does not work even after Plesk 12 MU#52 is installed Jun, 29 2015
[How to] How to change location of the directory with mailboxes in Plesk? Jun, 29 2015
How to give Plesk users SSH access? Jun, 29 2015
APS applications supported by vendors Jun, 29 2015
Unable to install TYPO3 on Windows Jun, 29 2015
Failed to update the ModSecurity rule set: Cannot retrieve metalink for repository epel Jun, 28 2015
Domain shows the default Apache test page (not the Plesk default page) instead of the domain content Jun, 28 2015
PHP pages redirect to port 7080 or 7081 if Nginx is enabled Jun, 26 2015
E-mails are not delivered through email clients like Thunderbird and Outlook Jun, 26 2015
Unable to read or execute files from the WordPress root directory Jun, 26 2015
Activation of Plesk: "The license key is not valid. You are trying to use a license key created for older version of Plesk" Jun, 26 2015
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