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Plesk Migrator does not migrate subdomains. Nov, 26 2015
Plesk Migrator cannot connect to source server: migration can not be started Nov, 26 2015
How to disable Updates and Upgrades menu from Plesk GUI Nov, 25 2015
What data is backed up within server configuration backup? Nov, 25 2015
Cannot update Outgoing Mail control: Domain does not exist Nov, 25 2015
pci_compliance_resolver utility shows help output and not working Nov, 25 2015
Web server reconfiguration error: Destination directory /etc/nginx/plesk.conf.d/vhosts not exist Nov, 25 2015
Custom PrivateTemp directory does not work Nov, 25 2015
Migration Manager stuck: Retrieving objects list Nov, 25 2015
Creating a Backup with a prefix like '' will result in an internal error on restoration. Nov, 24 2015
Error when restoring backup: The backup of Plesk in Service Provider view cannot be restored to Plesk running in Power User view. Nov, 24 2015
Missing link to all webspaces Nov, 24 2015
Incorrect statistics is shown in Classic view mode. Nov, 24 2015
Maillog is empty Nov, 24 2015
New configuration files for the Apache web server were not created after upgrade to Plesk 12.5 Nov, 24 2015
Missing Customer and Business Manager in Plesk 12.5.30 Nov, 24 2015
Unable to connect to SFTP. Nov, 24 2015
Unable to change any parameters in hosting settings for subscriptions. Nov, 24 2015
Plesk upgrade failed: mysqlmng --repair-local-service failed Nov, 24 2015
Plesk install failed: Error writing to file: C:\Config.Msi\ Nov, 24 2015
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