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Parallels Server for Mac 3.0 hotfix 6 (build 3.0.4918.534249)

Article ID: 6920, created on Nov 23, 2009, last review on Aug 12, 2014

  • Parallels Server 3.0 for Mac

Release notes

Synopsis: New Parallels Server for Mac 3.0 hotfix 6 provides bugfixes and improvements
Issue date: 11-13-2009
Product: Parallels Server for Mac 3.0
Keywords: stability, guest OS crashes, high CPU utilization, PXE, Mac OS X Snow Leopard

1. Topic:

   Update for Parallels Server for Mac 3.0 update provides several bugfixes and improvements.

2. Problem description:

   -  Disabled support for 3D Video acceleration to prevent accidental guest OS crashes
   -  Improved the stability of virtual machines running Mac OS X Snow Leopard
   -  Fixed the problem with Shared and Host-only networking modes in virtual machines running Mac OS X Snow Leopard
   -  Disabled SmartMount for newly created virtual machines; you can enable it using the Virtual Machine Configuration dialog in Parallels Management Console
   -  Fixed the problem with the Parallels Service process that may eat up to 100% of CPU time
   -  Fixed the problem with booting Windows-based virtual machines via a PXE server
   -  Fixed the problem when a host computer running Mac OS X Snow Leopard might crash after connecting a USB device to a virtual machine on this computer
3. Bug fixes:

    #454906 "Unable to disable Smart Mounts"
    #449252 "Shared networking for Snow Leopard guests does not work"
    #455306 "Can't upgrade VM from old PSfM version to PSfM 4915"
    #447792 "prl_vm_app crashes as soon as Citrix MetaFrame XP 1.3.1 is started"
    #454957 "prl_tools.exe eats 100% of CPU"
    #455564 "Kernel panics in SnowLeopard guests"
    #455447 "On each connection to dispatcher one master port leaks"
    #456723 "64-bit SL host crashes when connecting USB device to VM"
    #124018 "Error during booting windows vm through PXE"
    #457182 "Shared Networking - could not acquire ip from dhcp"

4. Obtaining and Installation:

Open Parallels Management Console, connect to Parallels Server, click "Help" in menu, and run the Update Wizard using "Check for Updates." Then choose the update and click on the "Install" button. Alternatively, you can download the installer here and run it on Parallels Server.

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