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  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard
  • Plesk Automation
  • Odin Automation Essentials

For escalation path for Odin Automation Premium please refer to the article #128866.


If a support team member has not contacted you within 2 hours after you submitted a ticket, you have an option to escalate it. Start with Level 1 below and then work through the Levels until you get resolution to your satisfaction.


Escalation options


  1. Using ‘Escalate’ functionality in Self Service at
  2. By phone (authorization by ticket number required)
  3. By chat (authorization by ticket number required)

Support Operations Manager: Vladimir Miloserdov
phone: +7 913 951 3473


Senior Director, Odin Support: Vitaly Malakhov
phone: +7 913 935 9834

Escalation in Self Service

For escalation please use 'Escalate' option in your ticket in Self Service at

Once you select 'Escalate', you are prompted to confirm the escalation and, as soon as it is confirmed, a corresponding e-mail is sent to the Support Shift Manager on duty. The issue will be evaluated, and you will be updated with the issue status at the earliest possibility.

Note: 'Escalate' option might be missing within your Self Service if:

  • Your support program or the chosen severity does not allow escalating the ticket
  • You are still within the 2 hour timeframe of when the ticket was initially opened
  • Time past from the ticket creation or the last update is within the time frame determined as guaranteed response time based on your chosen support program and ticket severity
  • The status of the ticket doesn't involve further escalation. Specifically, tickets marked as: waiting for an update from the requestor, resolved and pending confirmation from the requestor, or closed.

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